February 16, 2004

Get out of the Crimson room

Get out of the Crimson room. [flash]
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Online music from the opposing side in this

Chalghi's Online collection of Iraqi music The Best way to understand others cultures is to listen to thier thoughts and baring that, thier music. For whats it's worth, Not sure if I saw this on Boingboing, Fark,Blort or what, But I can't take credit for finding it only sharing in here..
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This Presiden't Day, the First Cat would like to ask you some questions.
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Must. hover. over, rice. paddies. must...

Police seize Vietnamese farmer's unlicensed, homebuilt helicopter This NYT/AP report convinced me that globalization truly dooms that American middle class pitted against such dedication. Yankee tinkering once provided a foundation for the North American industrial revolution. But now:' The farmer said he won't give up, vowing to sell his house or 25 acres of land if that's what it takes to get the license. "If I cannot do it, my children or my grandchildren will do it,'' he said. '
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Introducing you to the Holocaust Industry

I'd like to introduce you to Norman Finkelstein. A Jew whose parents were survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and various concentration camps, he is one of a handful of modern Jewish scholars who wants to "maintain the integrity of the history of the Nazi holocaust". I was introduced to him when I read his book The Holocaust Industry, which reminds us that "its central dogmas sustain significant political and class interests. Indeed, The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon." Indeed.
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Bill Hicks Tribute

A very good tribute from the Guardian regarding the life and legacy of philosopher-comedian Bill Hicks.

It is compelling and significant that the final words on Hicks's last record, Rant In E-Minor, are a prayer: "Lift me up out of this illusion, Lord. Heal my perception, so that I may know only reality."
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The Well-Stocked Pantry

What Basic Foodstuffs Do You Always Keep At Home For Delicious, Impromptu, Quick Emergency Meals? A well-stocked pantry/larder/fridge is essential for lazy cooks who can't be bothered to go out for fresh foods and yet are able (and like!) to throw together a wonderful repast at a moment's notice. The list in the link is a bit extreme but nonetheless admirable. But what are the real essentials and what can you do with them? [More inside.]
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A Family Proposal

Bill Miller wants to start a family. He looks to be serious. Idiosyncrasies, indeed.
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colorless green sunflowers confuse furiously

Voynich manuscript detemined to be a hoax... maybe? Discussed here previously, this cryptic document has been intriguing researchers worldwide. In December scientists determined that the text could have been produced using a Cardan Grille and look to known prankster and alchemist Edward Kelley as the likely agent of this deception. But the question still remains, is it encoded gibberish, or encoded something else?
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Reprocessed images from the Soviet exploration of Venus.
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heal your sick house

Geopathic Stress, otherwise known as negative earth energies, black streams or earth rays, have become acknowledged as a hazard to health.
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Talking with Bishop Gene Robinson

This link does not involve dogs or turtles (mutants, ninjas or otherwise). Rather, it's an insightful interview with Bishop Gene Robinson, conducted by a divinity school student. [more inside]
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Pornography (Windows Media, 3MB, not safe for work)
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