MeFi Mall

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available. If you're a MetaFilter member with stuff for sale, you can submit your shop. There's more info in MetaTalk.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • klangklangston: Photo prints through RedBubble. I've updated my page with some newer work, and RedBubble has increased the number of things that they print on. Say yes to late-stage capitalism with a surreal film shot printed on a travel mug or leggings! For more trad photo prints, use the form on my regular website:
  • ancillary: It's often the case that the .h264-encoded video vignettes of one's life, those moving memories recorded and tucked away on mobile phones everywhere, wonder wistfully what fate awaits them. Thankfully, FlipClips exist specifically to alleviate the melancholy felt by these forgotten digital video files, thrust aside by their jpeg brethren who are gleefully t-shirted, postage-stamped, and photo-mugged/booked/pooped. In a beautifully hand-crafted, perfect-bound paper flipbook, these personal video files can live forever, batteries not required. 15% off with coupon code mefi15.
  • Grimp0teuthis: (please check back for updates through early December) I am a NYC-based film photographer offering traditional black & white darkroom prints, Digital B&W and color prints, and Boardwalk Kids, a zine about Coney Island and its inhabitants. Please contact me at for darkroom or digital prints. As a baseline, an 11x14" darkroom print will be $100 plus shipping. Boardwalk Kids can be purchased from my shop directly.
  • moonmilk: Farm to Scanner: I have no idea how I got these veggies wedged into my scanner, or why. Beautiful images of fresh produce from the New York City Greenmarkets, made on a desktop scanner! Featured on metafilter 11 years ago and everyone hated it then, but I finally got around to making a shop and honestly it's really good: Mostly art prints, but you can also get a few things like pillows and phone cases. If there are any images or society6 products you want but don't see in the store, let me know.


  • brainwane: Hi, I'm Sumana Harihareswara and I run Changeset Consulting, providing short-term project management and related services for free/open source software projects. Give a gift to a friend who runs a hobby software project -- buy a few hours of my time and I'll rewrite documentation, clean out the bug tracker, respond to pull requests, or otherwise lighten their load. Say you're a MeFite and I'll knock the price down. (Free initial consultations available to anyone.)
  • velebita: Hi! I'm an illustrator working in Chicago and I'd like to paint your cat, dog, chicken, beloved houseplant, or anything else that you would like. You can see finished commissions and order your own here . Note that the constraints of time mean supplies are limited (that is, I can probably get in about twelve orders before Christmas)!
  • pH Indicating Socks: Creative Photoshoppery: Holiday cards, prints, posters of you or your family or friends. I Photoshop people into pictures -- see here and here and here and here and here. MeMail me for the sweet Meatlifter discount.

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • terrapin: Gage Hill Crafts sells knitting kits and patterns, yarn, and natural skincare products for makers. All of our products are sourced and made in Vermont.
  • d13t_p3ps1: Brain Basket Designs I make wire wrap jewelry with a wide variety of crystals and minerals, with a focus on pendants and necklaces. Use the coupon code METAFILTER to get 10% off your purchase!
  • robocop is bleeding: The Corey Press - Hand carved madness from Salem, MA. Medieval UFO abductions, occult conspiracies, and Lovecraftian nightmares all inked and pressed to wood. Etsy | Threadless | Website
  • Sweetie Darling: Rock Springs Paper Craft: Intricate and swirly hand-marbled paper transformed into one-of-a-kind gift items, including note cards, coasters, and hand-stitched books. Great for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, holiday swaps, and hard-to-buy-for folks. 10% discount for MeFites; enter SWEETIE at checkout. Sales tax collected on orders shipping within North Carolina.
  • Crystalinne: Print With Love on Etsy! Get gifting or treat yourself to some beautiful prints, original framed paintings, hand painted ring boxes, and perfectly creepy coffin jewelry boxes and trinket trays! Hand painted items are each unique! Designs include pop culture cuteness, spooky skulls and bats, tattoo flash, watercolor art, illustrations, and so much more! FREE U.S. DOMESTIC SHIPPING plus gift wrap options! Shop now at
  • itesser: Nifty necklaces made from my double exposure photography are available in my etsy shop. Mostly simple pendants vaguely reminiscent of stained glass. Hypersaturated greeting cards (blank inside) also available.
  • jenjenc: I make hand-cut ornaments out of beautiful hardwood on my scroll saw. I have lots of options for both people and pets! You pick the shape, the wood, the name/year, and on many of them, the color of rhinestone crystal embellishment. New this year, you can order directly from my website, Click on the red banner to shop, and enter the code "Metafilter" at checkout to save $5 on your order over $15.
  • coevals: Little Wolf Press is an Etsy shop, with digital prints, greeting cards, and original paintings. Thank you for checking it out.
  • cortex: I'm selling laser-cut geometric wooden tilesets via etsy! Use the MEFIMALL code for 10% off. On the bigger-ticket side, I've also got original oil paintings for sale. (Sorry, no prints at this point.) Let me know you're a MeFite, I'll knock 10% off there too.
  • mermaidcafe: Ink-inspired art and gifts. Original ink and watercolor paintings and notecards. Also, hand-painted candles, candleholders, ornaments, and decor (including some fun gothy stuff). US orders over $30 ship free. Use code metafilter for 15% off orders over $20. (Don't think there's a way to combine the offers.)
  • yoga: Mile Wide Studio Modern Flair: Soft enamel pins inspired by mid century modern design. Pins are a variety of colors, metal, roughly 1"x1" and have 1 or 2 black rubber clasps. Designed by yours truly. Free shipping!
  • KathrynT: Immediately after the inauguration last year, I took up watercolor to stop me from stress-refreshing Twitter all the time, and now I have a lot of original watercolor art for sale! In lieu of a store, I have here a Facebook post that has links to all the other Facebook posts where I have art for sale listed. If you see something you like but don’t have a Facebook account, memail me, or contact me at the email address in my profile.
  • Jon_Evil: Jon Good Chocolates is an artisan chocolatier in New York, specializing in fancy hand-painted bonbons and amazing spaceships made from Chocolate. Almost all the chocolates are vegan, except for the ones with bacon in them.
  • jabo: Mrs Jabo and I run a small business creating and teaching Micro-Macrame jewelry. It’s made by tying knots with a thin nylon cord that comes in a variety of colors. If you like working on a small scale (like beading, embroidery etc.), you’ll find enjoy this. Find our books, kits, cord and more at our site: For those who are interested in seeing what is possible with this technique, visit Mrs. Jabo’s website at Happy knotting!
  • motty: Highgate Candles: handmade moulded candles with a gothic theme. Skulls, gargoyles, cauldrons, cats, figurines and more. Use code MEFIMALL for 15% off. NB: Shipping to UK and Europe only... sorry non-EU Mefites. (Full disclosure: candles as made by my beloved; I built the site).
  • champagneminimalist: Bellicose Soap Co I make little soaps in the form of Luchador masks – and they’re the perfect size for tiny sinks. I make ‘em unscented because fragrance is one of my migraine triggers. You need a quirky, niche gift? Look no further. To thank you for checking out my shop, please use the coupon code: MEFILOVE for 20% off (until 20 December 2018).
  • sucre: I’m a printmaker under the name Rare Press. I make printed goods and art prints by hand in my apartment! I carve rubber and linoleum, and sometimes draw or paint, too. Here’s my Instagram as well!

Books, Magazines and Zines

  • oulipian: My first book, Album Rock, is part art history, part road trip, and part detective story. Inspired by a strange photograph of 1850s graffiti, it explores the visual legacy of Paul-Émile Miot, one of the first photographers to visit Newfoundland. The book has been described as "a celebration of curiosity and the joy of delving into the mystery of a peculiar photograph."
  • ITheCosmos: On my Etsy, you can get my novella (print/PDF) about a rural commune of queer and trans folks with magical powers, and my zine about the radical possibilities of friendship.
  • aniola: aniola & sibilatorix: This book makes a great gift. Chocolatology: Chocolate's Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes - Where does chocolate come from? What is it good for? What scientific studies (reputable and otherwise) have been done on it? And how do you incorporate it into every meal of the day and then some? Have a taste via projects or buy the book.
  • Mchelly: The Norma Gene - In the near future, human cloning has become commonplace, and celebrity cloning is the latest fad. A fast, funny take on authenticity, superficiality, and what would happen if Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe finally had the chance to get it on. Finalist in 2016 Best Book Awards for Science Fiction Amazon Link. Barnes and Noble. SPD.
  • overeducated_alligator: Comic! Books! Comic books! And art prints from my web site. Use discount code taters to get 20% off! Two titles that make good gifts: At the Zoo (about animals and the people who love them); The Adventure of Painless Parker (historical dentistry fiction!). MeMail me with any questions or other requests.
  • maxsparber: Anthologies containing short stories (and, in at least one instance, poetry) authored by Max Sparber.
  • mishafletch: I wrote a cookbook called Cooking is Terrible, which you can purchase for Kindle or as a bundle with epub and PDF. It's aimed at anyone for whom cooking is not constant, unrelenting joy, and especially at people with limited time and energy.
  • veggieboy: "How to Instant Pot" is your complete guide to the Instant Pot, the popular and occasionally puzzling multi-cooker appliance. It's also a cookbook with more than 100 recipes.
  • AndNeverWell: Composed entirely from vintage horror and romance comic imagery, Male Tears is a collage "comic book" exploring the weaponization of white male grievance (but funny). Available via
  • obloquy: The Supernatural History Series brings the spooky past to life in vintage style! Pre-wrapped in paper and string, each of these handmade paper good collections includes a custom edition of a classic book, facsimile historical artifacts, a hand-stamped postcard and more. Choose from the Salem Witch Pack, the Spirit Pack, the Wolf Pack or others. Visit The Other Fox Shop (Etsy) and enter code MEFI13 for 13% off.
  • velvet winter: Know someone who loves dark ambient music? I publish an email subscription newsletter devoted to appreciation of the genre. Features include exclusive insider musician & label interviews (including a rare deep-dive interview with the reclusive Ulf Söderberg) and custom themed playlists + liner notes. Half of all net subscription income goes to the musicians. | Archives | FAQ
  • wintersweet: Along with a bunch of my writer friends, I have a story in Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger: An Anthology of Airships, Pirates, and Wizards. There are links to several ebook retailers at the link (and it's also available in paperback at Amazon). The stories are in several different science fiction and fantasy subgenres, but all of them have airships, pirates, and/or magic. My story, "What a Tea Witch Promises," has all of the above!
  • zompist: I've written a bunch of books, starting with the Language Construction Kit. By mid-December my latest, the Syntax Construction Kit, should be up. Most are on linguistics, but there's also books on China and India, and a couple of novels.
  • ManInSuit: Sheila Heti (author, most recently, of How Should A Person Be) had the idea to collaborate with me on a book of everything I know. That book is The Chairs Are Where The People Go. It is about improvisation, municipal politics, how to teach a charades class, running conferences, feeling like a fraud, love, quitting smoking, and other things. [Amazon USA // Canada // UK] The New Yorker said: "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
  • xingcat: Suburban Holidays, a collection of holiday plays. Holidays at home. Sometimes that's the country, sometimes the big city, but more often than not, it's the suburbs. These seven short plays, written by Patrick Cleary, cover the spectrum from heartfelt to exciting to just plain funny. Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and Halloween are featured in this collection of shorts. Link to book on Amazon.
  • churl: When my collaborator Matt and I unveiled our comic series Incredible Doom, it was the Metafilter community that I was most excited to share it with. We now have 5 offset-print hand-crafted issues for individual (or group!) sale, and more coming for subscribers. We hope they make a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone in your life who knows the twin horrors or adolescence and the (then-nascent) internet of the early '90s--and what can happen when the two collide. Incredible Doom
  • Mike Mongo: Mike Mongo: The Astronaut Instruction Manual. A fully-functioning instruction manual for the awesome kind of 8-to-12 year old preteens who await being given permission to live, work, and play in space as the next generation of astronaut space explorers. As seen on Metafilter. Audible audiobook. Book promo video. Endorsed by 5-year old podcaster Nate Butkus.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press-type Items

  • Wordshore: Libraries are cool, and learning stuff is cool, so Use Libraries and Learn Stuff. Items and ephemera includes greetings cards, a poster (the most popular product, bought by libraries and librarians in several countries and used in several protests and demonstrations), postcards, mugs, aprons and more. Zazzle get most of the money; the buck or two I make off each item go (for family reasons) towards organizations who research Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.
  • Devils Rancher: Wearable Serigraphy is a series of high-end halftone screen prints, based on my black and white photography.
  • Tesseractive: Tesseractive's Redbubble Store: I draw Pokemon incorrectly in Microsoft Paint (as a writing activity with my students) and this year I turned some of those drawings into merch designs. Shirts, leggings, tote bags, stickers, etc. with weird monsters on them.


  • turtlegirl: Vermont Natural Sheepskins offers organically tanned sheepskins and sheepskins shawls. Sheepskins are great for the floor, your sofa, bed, your baby's room, your weaving bench, car seat cover, office chair, or anywhere you want a little extra, cozy comfort. Or give your wardrobe a kick-ass upgrade with a sheepskin shawl, and strut your Viking style. We are the only non-toxic tannery for sheep and goatskins in the USA, and all of our skins are sourced from farms and butchers with high animal welfare standards.