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it's the strangest noise ever. it's called a daxophone and as far as i can make out it seems to be some kind of wooden bowed instrument. there's more stuff on the inventor here (this does require flash) and a video clip of hans playing it here. some of his guitars are odd too.

please note that i have not accused anyone of anything as yet this year.
posted on Jan-7-02 at 3:28 AM

Oooooh! Look! Bones!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, in conjunction with George Stetton I am able to bring you, for your amusement and delight, the hand held Sonic Flashlight. You should visit his homepage. He does poetry and music too.

I don't know what you want this christmas but this has just gone into my top ten.
This will be my last post for a while as I'm off on holiday so have a good christmas y'all.
jingle jingle etc.....
posted on Dec-19-01 at 9:00 AM

Quality link. Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you some FLASH based Kung Fu Fun. Tune up your one inch punch (Surely a great name for a christmas drink...) I thank you.
posted on Dec-18-01 at 8:50 AM

Would you like some lemon juice with that? I have often been accused in the past of going on holiday and not posting a link for a while. This should remedy that. Jammed packed full of useful information :- Male nipples, Why? , How dogs eat - all this and more... Good for kids...
posted on Dec-17-01 at 7:28 AM

a silly place... either someone has waaaaay to much time on their hands or this is the coolest thing i've seen for ages. For those of you who want more explanation think Monty Python but in Lego. it's a movie - so time taken to view this movie is depending on whether your connection to the interweb is butane or coal fired. I've searched the archives and not found this particuar link - but it is a few months old, so apologies to any who have seen it before. I've not been accused of anything for a while.
posted on Dec-5-01 at 2:32 AM

What's inside? Surely this is a man thing. We get something with screws in it and have to take it to pieces. this man bought a gamecube. He says that it still works. There are a few pages of pictures here so be warned.. I thank you.
posted on Nov-30-01 at 8:30 AM

I've been accused in the past of only posting fun and games type links - so just to prove that i'm no fly-by-night-non-serious-funster here is a news link. It requires no flash plugins of any sort..... ladies and gentlemen i give you.... Fisherman playing game electrocuted. i thank you.
posted on Nov-29-01 at 8:23 AM

I've been accused in the past of only posting serious news item type links - so just to prove that i'm no stick-in-the-mud here is a fun link. It requires shockwave plugins..... ladies and gentlemen i give you.... table tennis!! please enjoy this during work hours.
posted on Nov-28-01 at 7:44 AM

fantasy football - but with bands. Sign up and get a [virtual] massive 5 grand to buy shares in your favourite bands. Warning: The value of Steps can go up as well as down and your home may be at risk. user 80159!
posted on Nov-27-01 at 2:44 AM

kick back and relax... FLASH!! it's a flash sound site - this one is very nicely put together with some great samples, tidy graphics and a sprinkling of JAH SHAKA BOOOOOM.
posted on Nov-23-01 at 9:14 AM

come by, come by, git round, phweeeep, easy boy, easy, come by.... Oh yes it's nice. it's a little flash game. It's virtual sheepherding. WARNING - FLASH USED HERE!!
posted on Nov-22-01 at 9:11 AM

Really, really nice... lots of lovely devices...
posted on Nov-21-01 at 9:05 AM

weekend drug use ok? Interesting article... I hesistate to sign my neam this time though - i wouldn't want to put anyones nose out of joint.
posted on Nov-20-01 at 8:25 AM

Please...Tell me you're joking....We all went to school with someone who had... shall we say... an odd name. But who in their right minds would call their child this. or this. or this ? any more? oh come on there must be.... Spoon
posted on Nov-16-01 at 2:01 AM

booooooom I'll give them sonic bullets.....
posted on Nov-15-01 at 1:41 AM

You... are... all... ...thrall.... soon my pretty ones, soon.
posted on Oct-26-01 at 7:40 AM

skateboarding tortoises - some lovely animation.......
posted on Oct-25-01 at 7:27 AM

Glowing Pig News Great to take to parties..... (Hurrah for my first ever link that hasn't been found in previous threads...)
posted on Oct-12-01 at 7:53 AM

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