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Parody rights on making fun of houses

Blogger Kate Wagner, known for McMansion Hell which educates and critiques McMansion architecture, was served with a cease and desist from Zillow, just as the McMansion is coming back into style. Thanks to efforts from the EFF, the blog is back up. McMansion Hell, previously, previouslier.
posted by k5.user at 9:45 AM Jun 28 2017 - 39 comments [32 favorites]

You know what I want

Moneyness is an interesting blog about all things money. Interesting articles: posted by Chrysostom at 9:05 PM Jun 27 2017 - 19 comments [31 favorites]

Which group is protected from hate speech? The correct answer: white men

Julia Angwin at ProPublica reports on internal documents Facebook uses to train its thousands of human moderators. They contain broad rules for determining who is in a protected class and who is not. [more inside]
posted by ignignokt at 6:09 AM Jun 28 2017 - 80 comments [28 favorites]

The Ur-Ikea, from whence all other Ikeas sprang

The fourth series of the fabulously otherworldly collaborative fiction project SCP Foundation was opened to submissions in April of this year. From here comes this tale of A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA. Readers unfamiliar with SCP format may want to just skip to the journal transcript near the bottom
posted by es_de_bah at 8:20 AM Jun 28 2017 - 27 comments [27 favorites]

Swapping digits of pi and e

Over at Mathoverflow, user Erin Carmody asked the question "If I exchange infinitely many digits of π and e, are the two resulting numbers transcendental?" The answers given were great, and PBS Infinite Studios made this video about it.
posted by klausman at 5:47 PM Jun 27 2017 - 18 comments [33 favorites (26 in the past 24 hours)]

Almost Certainly Our Most Famous Painter of Medlars

Caravaggio's Fruit is a paper by horticulturist Jules Janick, originally published in Chronica Horticulturae, that examines we can tell about the fruit seen in 11 different paintings of Caravaggio. It includes a discussion of the fruits themselves, even exploring the different cultivars available in late 16th century Italy, and explains many of the fungal, insect, and nutritional causes for the blemishes Caravaggio famously depicted. [more inside]
posted by Copronymus at 8:41 AM Jun 28 2017 - 9 comments [26 favorites]

The music of nightmares

The Apprehension Engine expresses the emotions that cannot be expressed in other ways, triggering fear with intense sonic methods.[via]
posted by dhruva at 11:59 PM Jun 27 2017 - 6 comments [22 favorites]

Where do the stairs at the bottom of the pool go? Where?!?

Going to Orlando? With 29 of your favorite friends? And looking for a place to stay? Why not rent The Captain's Quarters III? You might never even make it to DisneyWorld.
posted by Mchelly at 7:47 PM Jun 27 2017 - 84 comments [18 favorites]

Immigrants: We Get the Job Done

From the Hamilton Mixtape: the music video for Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) by K'naan featuring Residente, Riz MC & Snow Tha Product. Directed by Tomás Whitmore.
posted by yasaman at 3:34 PM Jun 28 2017 - 8 comments [18 favorites]

It's all been eaten; you can't have any more

Meredith Gran's webcomic Octopus Pie ended its 10 year run on June 5, 2017. The comic focused on the life of Everest 'Eve' Ning and her other twenty-something friends living in Brooklyn, NY. The comic is known for its emotional reality and experimentation with structure. [more inside]
posted by Quonab at 3:06 AM Jun 28 2017 - 25 comments [17 favorites]

This, sure as frickle frackle, was a fight for a Jewish-American lesbian

The ButHows are the bane of my career. "But how could they be lesbians if, but how could they be accepted, but how could they take the risk, but how if there are no hormones, but how if the first surgery was in the '60s, but how if she's never—" Shush. Just shush. She's not going to date you. Stop.
Marguerite Bennett talks about her experiences writing a rather queer comic series based on a line of DC Comics 1940ties themed superheroine statues.
posted by MartinWisse at 10:19 AM Jun 28 2017 - 8 comments [17 favorites]

It's a list unlike others you've seen before

NPR Music's Essential Songs, Albums, Performances And Videos Of 2017 (So Far) isn't going to rank anything. It's just going to explain why. And you'll be glad for it. [more inside]
posted by hippybear at 2:20 PM Jun 28 2017 - 4 comments [15 favorites]

"I have heard the sound of the future. This is it, look no further. "

I feel love: Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder created the template for dance music as we know it
posted by Artw at 12:12 PM Jun 27 2017 - 33 comments [38 favorites (14 in the past 24 hours)]

Press the Button

Then Jessica, our server, stops by. She asks if she can get us started with any drinks or appetizers. There’s an awkward pause, like when an acquaintance asks after a recent ex. Waving toward the tablet, I explain we’ve already ordered. I feel guilty that the device could steal her job, but she doesn’t seem to mind.
posted by BekahVee at 7:47 AM Jun 28 2017 - 63 comments [14 favorites]

The synergy was electric.

They hit the ground running, toward each other. And there, in the moonlight, they aligned passionately, on the mouth.
posted by ApathyGirl at 4:02 PM Jun 27 2017 - 17 comments [22 favorites (11 in the past 24 hours)]

The noise is clipping.

"The problem is we talk each other into these really ambitious ideas where we decide that’s the best idea and we can’t be like “well that’s unreasonable, we shouldn’t do that.” We get so married to these things; “Well that’s what we’re gonna do!” So that song might not come out for a while because we’ve got to put speakers at either end of the Grand Canyon to use it as a reverb chamber and WE WILL NOT DO THIS SONG IF WE CAN’T DO THAT."
Keith McMillen Instruments interviews Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson of clipping. [clipping. previously]
posted by Sokka shot first at 10:28 AM Jun 28 2017 - 1 comment [11 favorites]

Boing, boing, boing, boing...

What's with all the bunnies? The timid rabbit occasionally nibbles plants in the garden but usually lives unnoticed on the fringes of our yards. Mowing and raking yards can disturb rabbit nests. Cats and other animals catch and injure small rabbits. Sometimes people see newly independent young rabbits and think that such small creatures can't possibly get along without their mothers. ***squee trigger warning*** [more inside]
posted by shockingbluamp at 4:01 PM Jun 28 2017 - 18 comments [10 favorites]

Learn More About Where You Live

Native Land is a resource to help North Americans learn more about their local history. Search a North American address to learn more about native territories, languages, and treaties.
posted by Capt. Renault at 9:26 AM Jun 27 2017 - 16 comments [40 favorites (9 in the past 24 hours)]

Please look after this bear. Thank you.

Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, has died aged 91. Paddington, Bond's most famous creation, was immortalised in statue and on film. [more inside]
posted by threetwentytwo at 12:53 PM Jun 28 2017 - 29 comments [9 favorites]

“I Adore my Lesbian Daughters—Keep them safe.”

Frances Goldin, a 93-year-old mother of two lesbians, has been attending the New York City Pride march for nearly 50 years. And each year, she waves the same sign. [more inside]
posted by roger ackroyd at 1:08 PM Jun 27 2017 - 11 comments [33 favorites (8 in the past 24 hours)]

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