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SoftPanorama, a vast resource with a Russian edge
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SoftPanorama / SoftPanorama Switchboard, created by Nikolai Bezroukov, is one of those vast, practical resources with a fun side too. There is the excellent and very useful Classification of Corporate Psychopaths | Coping with the toxic stress in IT environment | Surviving a Bad Performance Review | Information Overload: How Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime | Science, PseudoScience and Society. But then there is the fun side of the site too: Russian Music Oldies on YouTube | economic crisis humor | Songs from Famous Russian Cartoons on Youtube.

It's not especially beautiful to look at, has some quirky Russian-English grammar/misspellings and dead links but is well worth exploring.

These are a few examples of the Russian Oldies:

ВИА Верасы "Люблю тебя" Песня года - 1979

My Address is the Soviet Union

VIA "Flame" Song of Friendship

На сопках Манчжурии / The Hills of Manchuria

Then there is the basso profundo collection. Wow. I never heard any human voice that low! (Except for the Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir) check this one out: Vladimir Pasjukov - Do not reject me in my old age | Basso Profondo LOW G CAGE MATCH! | lowest note Vladimir Pasuik & Viktor Wichniakov | The Largest bass voices | Russian Red Army Choir - Song of the Volga Boatmen (1965) | Evening bells - Вечерний звон - Abendglocken | Mark Reizen sings Song of the Flea

A couple of the economic crisis humor gems: Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis | Greek Debt Song

A couple of Songs from Famous Russian Cartoons on Youtube: Львенок и черепаха мульт (the lion and turtle song) | Four inseparable cockroach and cricket
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A grass of warm milk helps micromanagement induced speed disorders. Who knew?
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And while you're in the Russian cartoon songs section, don't miss the Goluboy Vagon (Blue Railroad Car), sung by an animated crocodile with accordion!
posted by homerica at 8:26 PM on February 5, 2012

lol, this is wonderful, had no idea of this version existing. I kind of love how the Russian has no the, so it is just Vinnie Poo(x)h

More Винни Пух

There seems to be quite a lot of Винни Пух on the web, somehow survived the soviet era youtube cartoon cull of last year.

Thank you for sharing these links.
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I should make another Soviet animation post at some point. There's so much wonderful stuff here!

I know MeFi is all over Vinnie Pooh and Cheburashka, but maybe I can suggest something slightly different: a beautiful baritone from a "groovy 70s" musical version of the Bremen musicians story. It's quite a voice. Its owner died in 2008.
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Каштанкa, a rotoscopic animation based on a short story by Anton Chekhov (1952).
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