Once, more, you mangle it more
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There's really only one thing worse than this video, and it's listening to the link above while watching actual footage of the Titanic.
posted by carsonb at 10:42 AM on February 25

Shades of This.
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I believe this video is ripped off of this one (which has even more entertaining video). See also his amazing cover of Rebecca Black's Friday.
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Yes. Yessssss. I nearly peed myself the first time I saw that Matt Mulholland video.

(And it was STILL more entertaining than that stupid movie.)
posted by Madamina at 11:04 AM on February 25

Love can touch us ONE time
And last for a lifetime li-life-liftime
And neeevvere let go till we're goneeeeeee
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Even this recorder sounds more interesting than Celine Dion.
posted by Nelson at 11:10 AM on February 25

Oh, wow, I totally linked the wrong video. Meant to paste in that one, roaring beast. Is a mod willing to please make an edit?
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I dug out the recorder--purchased in 5th grade, naturally--for a pitch a couple of months ago. The cat was not amused. I didn't get the gig, but I still have high hopes for the cue.

It's really a terrible instrument. This really isn't too far off from my first few takes.
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[fixed the link, carry on]
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> It's really a terrible instrument.

It's a wonderful instrument....for learning to read sheet music. I still remember the din of dozens of recorders from a 4th grade music class, though. Not so wonderful sounding.
posted by planetesimal at 11:25 AM on February 25

Contrarily I found the recorder a horrible and counter-intuitive instrument for learning to read sheet music. Ugh. The pain of childhood music lessons. The piano on the other hand makes sheet music totally make sense.
posted by wabbittwax at 11:43 AM on February 25

It's really a terrible instrument.

Oh yeah, and it would sound beautiful if it was a Stradivarius in your closet that you hadn't played since you were a kid, never practiced, and never mastered?

Everyone learns the recorder for two minutes in elementary school, and I agree it's NOT intuitive enough for children, but children aren't usually presented with how beautiful the recorder can be.

Case in point: Brüggen
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A crappy plastic soprano recorder is a little more difficult to make sound beautiful. Slightly better made recorders can be played well. I use my alto recorder to help figure out notes when trying to transcribe songs I've heard. For me it's a lot easier then trying to do it on guitar or piano (the fact that I don't own a piano helps). It's also fun when you have non-musical friends over who want to participate in jamming.
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The Titanic's theme

That is absolutely the worst rendition of "It Was Sad (When That Great Ship Went Down)" I've ever heard.
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Hey, Wellington! The video is a pretty spot-on piss-take on a certain kind of TV advert for Richard Clayderman or "The Magic of Pan Pipes" or what have you.

Wow. Richard Clayderman. I haven't thought of him in decades. I wonder if anyone remembers his stuff now?
posted by yoink at 3:26 PM on February 25

Ha, that Brüggen fella's got a Bill Hader thing going on.
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I wonder if anyone remembers his stuff now?

Unfortunately, yes…
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My heart was touched by this. But not in a nice way.
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I am an elementary music teacher. I teach recorders to all the 3rd graders each year. Compared to what I hear most days, this is pretty good.
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oh my god, this:

dude is magnificently weird.
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