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In the 1980s, there were twee bands, and then there was Trixie's Big Red Motorbike. Formed in Shanklin, Isle of Wight in 1981, TBRM were brother and sister Mark & Mel Litten, sometimes assisted by Jim Bycroft on sax and Jane Fish (of The Marine Girls — whose most famous alumna you would have heard if you were alive in the 90s [previously]) on backing vocals. Their sound, lofi, their artwork handmade. Their first single was sent to John Peel [passim], who proclaimed they'd “wipe the floor with the competition” and had them in for two sessions. posted by scruss (13 comments total) 15 users marked this as a favorite
I'm always looking for more twee. thanks!
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Ooh, "A Splash of Red" is reminding me of Orange Juice. Nice find, scruss.
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She's generally called Jane Fox, not Jane Fish, although it would fit the maritime theme. She's the sister of Alice Fox (the Marine Girls' singer).

I loved the Marine Girls fan back in the day, and at one point was on the same tiny indie label, famed for its garden shed recording studio.
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Neat. Hadn't encountered this band, but some of the related ones. A close friend in high school gave me a Tracey Thorn tape that I played the hell out of - A Distant Shore. It's still the sound of my personal 80s, though I no longer have any copies of the music on any format.

This stuff very thoroughly anticipated the twee lofi indie of the oughts, didn't it. It just needed some ukeleles.
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Whenever John Peel loved something I totally fail to get, I assume the problem is with me and not with John Peel.
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I'm guessing Belle and Sebastian has heard of this band.
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Great stuff. I don't think this band was mentioned in the 2005 Bitchfork history "Twee as Fuck: The Story of Indie Pop"
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Trixie's! Thanks for this. They were great.

It's funny, it seems like indiepop is going out of the woodwork these days; you can't turn on a radio or a TV without hearing music with a decidedly twee bent to it. Sometimes that's an annoying thing -- but if you remember the clangor that indiepop was in part a reaction to, and how impossible it once was to avoid it, you won't mind so much.
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Lived through the 80s, read all of the links, and I still have no clue what "twee" means.
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Twee is not caring if the only instrument you can play is a recorder. Twee wears a vintage nordic anorak and a hair-slide, regardless of gender. Twee is covering your single with photocopied pictures from knitting patterns. Twee is serving orange squash at your gigs because everyone's underage. Twee is having your band written about in awed tones in zines despite never actually having quite got round to issuing a single.
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... and to everyone's surprise, they just made their first new release since the 1980s: Don't Know What To Do.
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