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Are you a fan of inventive, black-humored sci-fi/fantasy animation? Desperate to fill the Futurama-shaped hole in your heart? Look no further than Rick and Morty, the superb new Adult Swim series from animator Justin "Lemongrab" Roiland and Community darling Dan Harmon. Inspired by a (terrible and very NSFW) Back To The Future knock-off, the show pairs a naïve young teen (Morty) with his cynical, alcoholic, mad scientist grandfather (Rick), each episode exploring a trope -- dreams, aliens, innerspace, parallel universes, virtual reality -- and turning it inside-out with intricate plotting, eye-catching art, and dark, whipsmart humor (with plenty of improvisation along the way). A ratings hit already secured for a second season, the show returns from an Olympics-induced hiatus tomorrow -- in the meantime, why not sample the six episodes aired so far: Pilot - Lawnmower Dog - Anatomy Park - M. Night Shaym-Aliens! - Meeseeks and Destroy - Rick Potion #9. Want more? Promo/highlight reel - AV Club reviews - TVTropes - Reddit - Rick & Morty ComicCon panel - Storyboard Test - Soundtrack samples - Play the "Rushed Licensed Adventure" point-and-click game
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ok I am so excited and can not parse information correctly right now but does this mean that rick and morty is going to be new tomorrow?! please say that that is what this means pleeeeaaaaaaaaaase.
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I LOVE Rick & Morty. It's one of those shows, like Adventure Time, that I feel the need to, like, evangelize.

I loved it when Rick actually called Morty out on the whole love-potion-being-basically-a-roofie thing and how creepy it is. That was AWESOME, and SO SO true.
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Does it get less mean/cruel after the pilot? Because the pilot is an alcoholic abusing his grandson for 20 consecutive minutes.

I've never felt like such an old man watching Adult Swim before. . .
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(seriously, CN, between this and Steven Universe, your scheduling is really weird. Two really long hiatuses in a row? When the show only had released a few episodes? Like... that's daft.)
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that episode when morty and rick go to the other dimension and morty realizes what this really means as he walks through the door is why i love this show. it went from "liking very much" to " love love" right after that ep.
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NDWRIGHT: Yeah -- it really does. The pilot is the weakest ep. Check out "Lawnmower Dog", "M. Night Shaym-aliens!" or "Meeseeks & Destroy". Those are much, much better.
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i love morty and i hope morty loves me
i want to wrap my arms around him and feel him inside of me

hey yo you gotta be aware, aware of all the flu up in the air UH
gonna get a shot, make the flu go away
flu hating rapper just rapping away uhn uhn yeah
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Oh Lordy that Mr. Meeseeks storyline sold me.
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"It's getting kind of weird in here..."
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I've been evangelistically showing this to as many of my friends as will watch it, and have gone through several impromptu marathons since it only takes about as long as watching a typical movie to power through the 6 episodes so far.

The only complaint i've really heard from someone is that it gets really crass at times. Like the "you can put your fingers anywhere you want ;)" thing in the anatomy park episode. It definitely goes to places i haven't really seen other AS shows or southpark go in recent memory. That, and the belching.

Seriously what the fuck is with the belching.

The one thing i will say is that the pilot is the weakest episode of the show. If that didn't hook you, watch another episode. I know that's something that's typical of a lot of shows, but other than the whole "Shoot them, they're robots" "OH GOD THEY'RE NOT ROBOTS" "Whatever morty, they're bureaucrats, they don't have souls!" exchange that episode just doesn't hold up against the later ones.

Overall though, i hope this gets picked up and becomes a regular AS show and gets a ton of seasons and stuff like adventure time did, and doesn't just get unjustly kicked off like flapjack(still bitter. still miss that show.)
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This is Principal Vagina. No relation.
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Rick Potion #9 was brutal. It raised one big question for me: "How many times has Rick done this before? How many devastated worlds has he just walked out on?".

It's also kind of disturbing how quickly Jerry started straight up caving skulls in with a crowbar in that episode. There's a scene with him plowing through a crowd of 'Cronenbergs' in his car, and he has this expression of absolute glee on his face. It may just be a trope, but I like the idea that this nebbishy father is actually meant for a life of clubbing things to death in a wasteland.
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I don't know how I really feel about this show. I pretty much stopped watching Robot Chicken when it started to be all childhood-toys-kill-each-other all the time. Rick and Morty pushes some of those same buttons for me. That said "Meseeks and Destroy" is as dark as any of the new-style shows, but still manages to be funny. I think it's walking a razor's edge.

Still, it's already been modded into Skyrim, so the show is definitely making a cultural impact. "I'm Mister Meseeks! Look at me!"
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In the newest crop of animated shows, where, let's face it, technological advances and improvements in communication and turnaround mean that you can animate a lot more for a lot less, it falls on the shows to be as good as they can be, given the premise and approach.

And seriously, all shows on television that are in some way comedic non-linear episodic series, they're more than welcome to shake the show up entirely to keep the audience happy and to keep things interesting. One that comes to mind would be American Dad where they dropped the political humor in favor of allowing Roger the Alien's dress-up to provide for an endless amount of characters that invade the space. Some American Dad episodes are so far out there that they hang the lantern with Klaus getting a single line like "aaaaand here's my line for the week." I think that's all fine.

Rick and Morty is jam-packed with a bunch of interesting tangents and references in science fiction dystopias and isn't afraid to destroy the episode's universe to get a laugh. They also have overlays and essentially creepy sex references colliding with slapstick. It is all of a thing. When it works, it will really work for the audience who buys in, but it will absolutely tank if it loses that audience because there's nobody to replace it.

Summary: They've set a very high watermark in terms of both crudeness and intelligent philosophy and I call it even-odds they can keep it at that level beyond a single season without seriously shaking up the premise.

Happy to watch them try!
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One of the many things I like about Rick and Morty is that it is a show that rewards paying careful attention. So, for example (spoiler alert) in "M. Night Shaym-Aliens," Rick basically tells us at the very beginning of the episode that he knows Morty is a simulation.

Even better, here's a great blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from "Meeseeks and Destroy":

Girl 1 on TV: I just had sex with Billy
Girl 2: but you're already pregnant
Girl 1: what's the worst that could happen?
Announcer: We interrupt "
Pregnant Baby" to bring you this breaking news
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Watching the Meeseeks episode is like a long, polished alternate universe episode of House of Cosbys (same creator), which is to say I love it.
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Also, Rick's last name is Sanchez. Heh.
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Ah! I've been wondering what happened to the House of Cosbys guy. That show was amazing.
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As for how many dimensions he's just walked out on, the answer is infinite. There's an infinite number where he saves everyone, and an infinite number he's walked away.
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This is Principal Vagina. No relation.

I forgot about this one, but it's worth bringing up. This is a great example of the ??? stuff the show does. It's not really funny, it's just left field in a really middle school humor way.

I know someone who pretty much walked out on the show after the first episode, and that line was one of their reasons why. And it was somebody who usually really likes dumb stoner humor.

ob1quixote, that sort of thing is really the razors edge you brought up IMO. It would be VERY easy for it to just fall in to a pit of well, just dumbass stuff like that which isn't really funny.
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You see Morty *Braaaap!* There's this thing called Metafilter Morty! And all these people post stuff to it Morty. They, they, they post stuff to it to *Brrrraaaaap!* to to to get 'Favorites', which are just like 'likes' on Facebook. You know what 'like' is Morty? YOU KNOW WHAT A LIKE IS MORTY!? It's it's it's a way to reaffirm you groupthink in an online social echo chamber! Now hand me that screwdriver!
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The "Principal Vagina, no relation" line is crass, but it's also perfectly delivered. That man has lived with that name for so long that "no relation" is part of the name, and everyone else takes it completely in stride, because they already know him. It's like living near a restaurant that advertises fish tacos -- after a while it doesn't even register as a possible double entendre any more.

The same joke on Family Guy would have been hammered into the ground by Peter saying "W-w-wait your name is whaaaat?"
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I've seen the first couple of episodes and it's very... Not sure what it is, but it's very something. I think I like it. The ending of Lawnmower Dog was actually quite sweet, which is amazing considering where the episode went.

"Where are my testicles, Summer. They were removed. Where have they gone?"

"Oh, wow. That's an intense line of questioning, Snuffles."
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Well I wasted an entire evening watching these, so thanks Metafilter. Literally the only thing I was supposed to do tonight was buy a lamp, and I have failed.
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I have been meaning to make this FPP for weeks and held off mostly because I couldn't believe someone else hadn't gotten to it first. Such a great show.
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I watched the first two episodes and quite enjoyed them but keep forgetting to go back and catch up on the rest because I am awful.
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I'm kicking myself for not mentioning it before, but note that every episode has a post-credits sequence that adds a lot to the ending.

See also: an unaired scene from Roiland's Vimeo page.

Favorite lines so far (all from Rick, incidentally):
"Hey Jerry, don't worry about it. So what if the most meaningful day of your life was a simulation operating at minimum capacity?"

"Those guys are inside you building a piece of shit, Ethan! They're inside you building a monument to compromise!"

"Okay... whelp, sometimes science is more 'art' than 'science,' Morty. A lot of people don't get that."

"I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior, Jerry. If I were you, I wouldn't pull that thread."

"Boy, Morty, I really Cronenberg'd the world up, didn't I? We got a whole planet of Cronenbergs walking around down there, Morty."
Seriously what the fuck is with the belching.

Ugh, same here. That's the one running gag that falls totally flat with me. And interestingly, one of the holdovers from the original, crude Doc & Mharti short, along with the splotchy pupils and the droopy lips expression.

Ah! I've been wondering what happened to the House of Cosbys guy. That show was amazing.

He got a letter from Cosby #86 - Cease And Desist Cosby.
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the droopy lips expression seems like a reference to the art in FLCL/fooly cooly. i tried in vain to find a screenshot, but that EXACT face drawn like that was in that show a bunch of times. Not saying it was an original concept even then, but that's like one of the best known animated shows of the past 20 years(especially among people who do animation, or are just fans of it) and it really seems like a homage. They use it in about the same way too.
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emptythought, that reminds me of another fan theory that it's also a reference to John K's Ren and Stimpy.

ninja edit: This might be the FLCL pout you were talking about.
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> House of Cosbys (same creator)

Talk about burying the fucking lede. Now I must watch this.
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Very good show but would be a lot better written/directed and tighter if Dan Harmon ditched dying Community and focussed on this one show instead
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Those are just standard anime pouty lips and not specific to FLCL.
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I think I noticed the Rick & Morty-style Fish Lips on an episode of Adventure Time too.
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Ngghgrgrgrhrhr! It's a house of cohsbeez!
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The burying the self with Mazzy Star playing in the background really struck me. It was so unbelievably emotionally dark.

Rick says most people would love a breakthrough like that when Morty melts his "family" but there can't be a comparison to burying yourself.

Also, fuck the dark knigh... I mean king jellybean.

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Also, the voice acting is exceptional.
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... yeah, I couldn't put that down. Thanks for the post. Wow.

(It's funny how the same 'burying yourself' gag fell sort of flat for me when they pulled it on Futurama, but was fantastic here.)
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Holy crap. Meeseeks and Destroy is amazing.
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My girlfriend thought The Lego Movie was effed up, so naturally I had to show her the end of Rick Potion #9.

I'm still impressed with the way that two happy endings (for certain values of "happy") got tacked onto the end of such fathomless existential horror.
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Speaking of fathomless existential horror, R&M reminds me of MeFi's-own cstross. They both start with familiar tropes and then fearlessly keep going bigger and bigger.
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Yes, this is an amazing show! The jump to the other dimension, and the impact on Morty, was particularly delightful. "Gloss over it? Nope!"
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I was on the fence, but rick's potion 9 catapulted me off onto the fan side.
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PSA: Next episode airs on Adult Swim in ~90 minutes.

Also, Roiland and Harmon did a Reddit AMA earlier today.
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yeah i really love this show. Its so clever. I Really wish it was a little cleaner
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This episode only cemented my theory/joke that as of now, more then half the episodes are just parodies of what i'm pretty sure happened in stargate episode.
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Roiland's voice is so distinctive that I keep expecting Morty to shout ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON! when he gets worked up.
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Desperate to fill the Futurama-shaped hole in your heart?

Nerdfight. Rick and Morty is infinitely funnier than Futurama. (De gustibus, etc.)
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Did a quick IMDB of Roiland. House of Cosbys, Rick And Morty and appeared in Yacht Rock. I would now like to subscribe to his newsletter.
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Nerdfight. Rick and Morty is infinitely funnier than Futurama. (De gustibus, etc.)

Ehh. I'd argue they're not really trying to do the same thing. Futurama was humor you could watch with your 4 year old cousin and not expect anything too offensive to happen. It didn't even dig as deep as the simpsons did in the old days.

I'd say it's like comparing a burrito to a sandwich. There's a lot of similarities, but they're not the same thing. You'd never put rice on a sandwich, for instance.

Futurama was at times really funny for the limits it worked within. R&M a lot of times feels like it really doesn't have many limits at all. Futurama got unfunny because they ran out of ideas in my opinion, but R&M could potentially suffer from a completely different kind of disease that killed south park and other AS shows like aqua teen where they just start doing fucking ridiculous things that aren't even necessarily funny because they can, maaaan.

I think this show has a finite lifespan of being quality, and i just hope it dies a dignified death before it slams into the wall of it. it reaches for the hammer of crassness often, but generally does it in an intelligent wry way or immediately pokes fun at itself for going there. But other shows that did the same fell on their face in later seasons.

I think part of the longevity of futurama, which didn't necessarily end on a high note but didn't face plant either, was the fact that it never danced that close to the fire.
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The thing about Rick Potion #9 is that most shows would kill for a series finale that ends that powerfully, but for Rick & Morty it was just another episode.
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Justin Roiland answers Rick & Morty questions on io9 today, wherein a number of people ask about Roiland's Grandma's Virginity Podcast and a few other things not covered in the great OP.

I'm glad I didn't watch the NSFW "Doc and Mharti" short before starting in on the series, otherwise I would have avoided it as the short was too far into Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted territory for my liking, while the show can be fucked up, but balanced within the scope of the show as a whole.
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They posted an episode on instagram... sort of? Kind of?
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The thing about Rick Potion #9 is that most shows would kill for a series finale that ends that powerfully, but for Rick & Morty it was just another episode.

That's kind of a problem in a way, because Raising Gazorpazorp was disappointing in comparison, even though it's a good episode.
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They posted an episode on instagram... sort of? Kind of?

No, they did. But watching it requires a lot of clicking.
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I like how it was like 25% soul-searching metaphysical heart-to-hearts, 75% drunken improvisation (dutifully animated by a crack team of professionals).

And 10% hamsters-in-butts. They really gave 110% on this one.
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Also, somebody on 4chan's /co/ collated the whole thing together.


I was wondering how long it would take someone to just make like a shell script and use curl to grab the entire thing at warp speed and then just drop it all into premiere or something.

I guess the answer was "like an hour".

Online streaming is the new analog hole. You can't post any content online without someone ripping it instantly anymore. The only differentiation officially released streaming can have is quality, and like 9/10 average people don't even notice or care, especially on a laptop screen.
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It's on YouTube now if you don't want to deal with Mega.
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So… this weeks episode. I have to hand it to them. What other show is going to gut you emotionally, then end with a hamster-up-the-butt joke?
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the subreddit brought up a good point though, whats up with Beth getting sad in the photos of them being in the hampsterbutt dimension though?
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Maybe because she realized that her life, though not reaching the highs it had in that alternate "Real Human Doctor" world, it's still a pretty good life where she can actually visit alternate worlds with her family.

And as the newest episode is available on YouTube, any other upload is likely to disappear pretty quickly. You can probably find an illicit YT upload it for the brief time before the episode gets sweeped, but it's also hosted on other sites. I found one by searching for "Rixty Minutes."
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It's a testament to Roiland's flawless self-absorbed deadpan that this joke at 14:27 in the pilot (!) didn't register until fairly recently:
I don't like it here, Morty. I can't abide bureaucracy. I don't like being told where to go and what to do. I consider it a violation. Did you get those seeds all the way up your butt?
He doesn't even miss a beat.
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Rust and Marty.
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Official episode link: Something Ricked This Way Comes. ButterBot was amazing.

Also, the next one (in two weeks!) is supposed to be a doozy.
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i think i've nerded too hard in my life, because the noise it makes when rick scans the dumb-o-scope is the warning sound from star trek TNG that say, worf would yell out "they're charging weapons!" after.

Also yes, jesus, butterbot.
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Ants in My Eyes Johnson was the best.
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ButterBot, for those who can't watch the video.
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Butterbot is like one of the best gags I've seen this year.
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True, but it's that the episode peaks before the title sequence plays.
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i think that's one of my favorite-r things about this show though, they don't give a fuck about where they put their ace card. just like rick potion #9 being a random mid season episode, everything else just kinda comes as it is when they think of it.

It feels very improvised, stream of consciousness. Almost like a good standup routine on it's first couple shows or a freestyle or something.

Yea, they could make a whole season and shuffle episodes and jokes around but it shows like this and broad city that really feel fresh right now because everything just kinda flies out of the tube completely randomly.

And i think the same principal is at work here that made people talk about and like true detective in both R&M and broad city. It's just a couple people writing everything completely off the cuff, not a big team.

That really feels like the future of good television to me, barring stuff that's on a massive scale and budget like game of thrones.
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i think that's one of my favorite-r things about this show though, they don't give a fuck about where they put their ace card. just like rick potion #9 being a random mid season episode, everything else just kinda comes as it is when they think of it.

It feels very improvised, stream of consciousness. Almost like a good standup routine on it's first couple shows or a freestyle or something.

Yea, they could make a whole season and shuffle episodes and jokes around but it shows like this and broad city that really feel fresh right now because everything just kinda flies out of the tube completely randomly.

I want to beef with this a bit. Putting Rick Portion #9 mid-season and putting Butterbot at the beginning of the last episodes were both planned moves and different animals.

Rick Potion #9 opened up a thread that got used in Rixty Minutes to fundamentally change the relationship between Morty and Summer. (Although that change may never be specifically referenced again, in the same way that Community is full of small, dramatic moments that change relationships but then promptly disappear until such a time as the writers want to bring them back.) Yes, Rick Potion #9 could have been a season finale, but as it is the show has gotten some good mileage out of it.

Something Ricked This Way Comes, while my least favorite episode of the season, has A/B plots that both play with the same themes about the goodness and importance of science (Rick effectively overcoming magic with science, the Plutonian elites playing the role of climate-change deniers). Butterbot is the episode's single example of science going wrong. (Depending on how much credence we give to Summer's point that the devil is at least helping out with the community, while Rick just lazes around.) He's a largely pointless creation, and in talking to him Rick expresses some fundamental existential angst (surely a theme of the show - consider Morty's nihilism in Rixty Minutes), but subsequently goes on to deal with the actual Devil - something that should presumably suggest a natural, divine order of things and immediately eradicate most conflicts about the point of existence.

The issue with putting the Butterbot gag at the top of the show is that it's simply bad writing to throw away your best material early. You don't want to climax before the climax, and you want people to feel like they're getting rewarded for staying tuned. I suspect that they didn't realize how good Butterbot was relative to everything else; some things sound differently when being produced than when they air.

We can put the fact that the gag was at the beginning down to the show's just being willing to let everything fly out randomly, but Rick and Morty's episodes adhere to pretty standard TV structures: A/B plots, three acts, standard family, etc. While surreal, I can't think of Rick and Morty as being at the forefront of weirdness or random plot directions; Adult Swim and William Street have been mining that vein for years. (See Force, Aqua Teen Hunger.)

I'll agree that the show is quite fresh, and that small writing teams may indeed be the future of writing. But just because it's novel doesn't mean it's doing stuff that's out the ordinary - it's just been polished to a fine sheen. That last episode needed a little bit more working over.
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Holy shit. I just saw Rick Potion #9, and whoa...
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It looks like next week's episode will hook back into Rick Potion #9 as well. Quite a big story arc.
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So, I finally got around to catching up on this after having only watched the first two. Some thoughts:

1) Holy shit. Not that the pilot and second episode are bad, but they really hit a stride a couple more in.

2) Uncomfortable rape stuff is uncomfortable. That scene with the Jelly Bean toed up to and kinda stepped on the line between me continuing to watch and not without quite going over it, but blech. Would prefer they stayed away from that.

3) Obviously I recognized Justin Roiland in Morty mode because of the Lemongrab-y tone to his voice, and also as the Meeseeks, but his work as Rick is quite something. I've listened to Harmontown for a long, long time and it is positively uncanny how well he channels the kind of stuttering cadence Dan Harmon has a lot of the time. It doesn't sound much like Harmon's actual voice at all, but the speech patterns are so similar that I get this weird feeling of... I don't even know what word to use. Dissonance? Obviously it's intentional but it almost makes me wonder what the scripts look like. Does Roiland add the Harmon-esque stuttering himself? I assume he must. I've heard Harmon discussing the core dynamic of the show and his ability to flip between the two cadences (obviously without as much difference between the two voices) is similar, though Rick of course feels much more like his natural speech.

4) Oh, god, I want another Meeseeks episode. I have no idea what it would entail. But I want one.
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This one's just for JHarris: "Welcome to the club."
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Just caught the rerun of this week's episode ([as] official video, AV Club review). I assume there have been no new comments because everyone is as SLACKJAWED IN AWE as I am right now?

"Meeseeks and Destroy" was my favorite TV episode so far this year, and this one blew it completely out of the water. The scope was so vast, the writing so effortless, the jokes (even the throwaways!) so absurdly perfect. It went to some extremely dark places, physically and emotionally, but had generous doses of dopey charm, too. The worldbuilding, the deconstruction, the hurricane of "Rick" puns, the mind-bending implications for the future... and it's not even the season finale (that's next week!).

I am so glad it's already set for a new season. This has been a treasure of a show.
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via @JustinRoiland: Story circle of last night's episode (originally from March 2013!)
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I feel like a harumphing bitter spoilsport cellar-dweller asshole saying this, but from that AV club article to describe what i'm talking about:
There are miniature examples of this kind of seeing-an-idea-through approach throughout the episode too; like the “pizza ordering a large person” joke which turns into “phones order a sofa” joke which turns into “upholstered chairs ordering a phone while talking into a slice of pizza joke.” It’s all part of a relentless determination to question every potential assumption, to never be satisfied with the first take on something. Sometimes, that means taking a premise (an alternate reality where pizza is people!) and riffing on that in a way that both expands the show’s possibilities and subtly mocks the concept of alternate realities in the first place.
Am i the only one for whom that entire joke-loop was way too family guy? because for me it was taking a one note joke and beating it to death, not taking it to it's ~wildest extreme~ or whatever.

I thought that was one of the weakest things the show has done in its entire run, honestly. I honestly expected a laugh track to kick in and it to be some kind of satire of stupid shows like that, because the living room they were ordering pizza from itself even almost looked like it was from a seth macfarlane show.
posted by emptythought at 6:51 PM on April 8

IMHO, the joke was saved when they continued to take it totally seriously (even extending it) in later scenes long past when McFarlane would have dropped it for the next gag. Walking past the clothing upholstery store, passing a beat-up old armchair bum drinking liquor out of a tiny dumptruck in a paper bag, while a water bottle bus full of people-seats drives by in the background. It was stupidly brilliant.
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and don't forget, it tied into the plot in that (SPOILERS:) our eponymous heroes escaped by putting their jackets on chair-people
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