The Internet: The Music Video
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So this new music video called 'Tip Tip', by KIDS N CATS, looks like it was shamelessly engineered to go viral on the Internet. I WILL HELP THEM.
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Welp, that's certainly a thing.
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Needs more memes.
posted by surplus at 7:12 AM on May 10

More cats, less beards. Also, the cats should drop the kids and get more cats.
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WELLLLLLL that was weird.
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I've seen some strange stuff. And that was quite possibly the strangest of all.
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I will lick a dirty lollipop if that video gets viral momentum.
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I've seen some strange stuff and that was sure trying hard to be that.
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Despite how it was designed and engineered for virality, I found the songwriting pretty clumsy, and the video so-so.

You can't make ironically good things with the spirit of irony. You really have to believe in yourself wholeheartedly to make good art/work, even if the work is supposed to be silly.

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It looks and feels like one of those mildly disturbing but in the end annoyingly tedious dreams you get when you ate too much before hitting the bed.
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When hipsters get old.
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It comes across to me as trying a little too hard. Some nice individual bits, though
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Is this satire?
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I ask honestly.
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You can't make ironically good things with the spirit of irony.

yes. it felt, ironically, like the work of Artists. I didn't even make it to the cats.

This on the other hand ...
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i did like the goggly-eye butt cheeks, though, in terms of random WTF imagery
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Is 4 minutes too long for viral? It seemed twice as long as it needed to be to get in what it had.
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"Japan think you're trying too hard."

Fuck yeah! More please. I love this batshit Tim & Eric 4chan netpunk aesthetic.
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I was just coming in here to post a link to Kyary Pamyu. Beat me to it, chrominance!
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She's so great! Though I don't like her music as much as some of the other projects her producer works on. The Tim & Eric thing wasn't a one-off, either, though the aesthetic has evolved over the years. I have no idea what this video has to do with family parties. If you can't be bothered to watch her two albums' worth of music videos, this video for her high-school-graduation song is a lovely recap of her career. (It's better if you realize that the polar bear is supposed to be her dad.)
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At least she's not riding a wrecking ball in the buff in this one.
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More butts than eye expected.
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dgaicun: "This video is, like, art!"

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I need to show this video to an acquaintance who has a slime fetish due to Double Dare and see what she thinks. It really felt like it was trying to trigger fetishes I don't have.
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I didn't much care for this video. Visually cool, but the song grates.

But... I know my opinion means nothing. What I REALLY want to know is what does the fox say?
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I was just coming in here to post a link to Kyary Pamyu. Beat me to it, chrominance!

Sorry for the derail but:
The thing with Kyary's music videos is that after a while they somehow start to make sense (as in: cute colorful multi-layered visualizations juxtapositioned with very mild "horror elements" set to upbeat music (basically the blueprint to the whole Kyary catalogue) or recently even some slight melancholic undertones (the last three Kyary singles and parts of her latest album, IMO)). It's all very "wild" and "over the top" but it feels like a cohesive universe to me.

The above video on the other hand just comes off as being weird for the sake of weirdness to me.

(But maybe it's unfair to judge something you've watched twice now versus something you've kept around as your favorite go-to tool for escapism for two years.)
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Here's a hip hop video that uses this kind of aesthetic. Some of my favorite blogs on tumblr post these kinds of images, evoking terrible early 90s Internet design, but amped up into hyper-ridiculousness. Wikipedia calls it seapunk. I just dubbed it netpunk (which I think is more accurate). Frankly, calling every new fashion and design subculture a kind of "punk" is fucking lazy. From now on I'll call it netcamp, since it's much more a celebration of retro Internet cheesiness than "punk"
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Here's Rihanna rockin' some netcamp on SNL. What I appreciate more about the kids n cats video is the heavy incorporation of actual weird shitty animated gifs.
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So. Uh, yeah. Um. So hey, how about them Dodgers, eh?
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So that's where those gifs were coming from.
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You will help them go viral? But why?? That was awful.
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Netcamp aesthetic from Tim & Eric. I love their visual vocabulary, which also mines cable access and corporate videotoaster terribleness.

Bob Odenkirk (their producer), I imagine, had a lot to do with that style being used in those Breaking Bad commercials for Saul Goodman.
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Someone entered the mind of Ann Coulter and hit the record button whilst she was thinking about liberals. Behold the resulting film.
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