The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together
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This stop-motion video for British rock band James's song "Moving On" tells a tale of life, death, joy, and grief, using only yellow yarn. The video was created by BAFTA-nominated animator, writer, and director Ainslie Henderson. (SLYT)
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I appear to have several things stuck in my eye. I wonder if I woke my wife up she would help me dislodge them?
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Yes, this was extremely poignant and a great defense for SLYT FPPs.
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I had to keep reminding myself that it's only yarn, that it's not really happening, that the only way yarn could make me cry in real life is if my neighbour's dog ate a budget-blowing purchase of a garment's worth of hand-dyed cashmere, but that sequence with the bereaved mother figure cradling the last remaining yarn loops of her dying child figure in her arms as even that is slowly but surely taken from her, arghhhhh.
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I watched it and then watched it again with the sound off just to confirm: the yarn people are, in fact, better actors than a good number of people in movies these days.
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Bur orange swan, that's the most hopeful part of the clip (and the part that actually brought a tear to my eye): the baby isn't unravelling, it's being brought into existence by the yarn spooling downwards. Look again around the 3:15 mark, where its hand is being built up. It's the circle of life.
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There are two mother figures in this video, rory. One watches her child ravel and cradles the last remaining loops of the child until she has nothing left, and the other one (the dancing one with the long hair) gets a new baby.
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This made me properly choke up. I read the dancing mother as the life source, and the baby is coming back to her as it leaves its mother. Whatever the interpretation it's really well done. Thanks for the post.
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Oh, I see what you mean, orange swan. 2:38-2:53. I read that as part of the clip-long story of the dying elderly figure. The other figure with him/her reads as male to me rather than female, when compared with the dancing mother. But it's effective whichever way.

I love the way the surviving relative looks up at his (/her) own thread at the end. (And by "love" I mean "was suitably devastated by".)
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Possibly my reading of those scenes was influenced by already knowing that the forthcoming album was "recorded in the wake of [lead singer] Tim Booth losing his mother and best friend in quick succession". A small and frail elderly woman and an older child could look much the same when rendered in yarn.
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I can't believe yarn made me cry. Weird.
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Sometimes, when I look deep into your eyes I swear I can see your yarn...
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Yarn - rather under-appreciated as an expressive medium. Here are some more yarn-based music videos:

Steriögram - Walkie Talkie Man (by Michel Gondry, 2004)

Camille - Ta douleur (by Stephanie DiGiusto, 2005)

Tomasz Stańko Quintet - Grand Central (Kijek/Adamski, 2010)
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Yes, this was extremely poignant and a great defense for SLYT FPPs.

Yes, it would be pretty grim if this thread got axed.
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People of the US, if you ever get the chance to see James at a small club, like the ones they played during their last two US tours, do it. I'm sorta selfishly glad that they only had one big hit here and we can see them in intimate environments as opposed to the arenas they play in Europe and South America. They are so, so good live. Also, the entire band is totally cool with autographing a very small pumpkin, if you're into that.
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My wife saw this before me and told me that it was posted to Metafilter. James being one of my favorite bands, I was puzzled why a music video by them would make a FPP, as I had heard the song a couple weeks ago and it didn't strike me as their best. But that video was something special and very well executed.
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I watched it and then watched it again with the sound off just to confirm: the yarn people are, in fact, better actors than a good number of people in movies these days.

I recently read that some actor (can't remember which one) commented that acting is more about body language than it is about facial expressions. Watching this, I can understand how that can be.
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Oh, I am so excited to see this!

I wasn't expecting too much from the video, seeing how they're kind of notorious for not stellar videos, but I have to add on to those who've said they can't believe they were made to cry by a skein of yarn.

Just...the way you can see the desperation in the patient's friend turning to resignation and grief, and the joy in the mother's dancing, (love the way she channels the way the singer dances) and the way it all fits perfectly. (And wee little yarn fingers grabbing the momma's finger....)

(Also, listen to those above; if James tours the US, go.)
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Oh, man. When Dessa said "These little yarn people made me cry really hard", I should've known to save this for when there's someone around to hug.
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The album is out now and it's a corker. Their best since Pleased to Meet You.
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That was lovely. Thank you for posting it.
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