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Knowlton Nash, former long-time host of CBC's flagship news program The National, died yesterday, aged 86.

For a change, the comments on that article actually are worth reading. As of the time of this post anyway.
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I didn't want to editorialize the post, but some of my earliest memories involve hearing his voice (and such a voice it was) introducing The National and that meant I was up wayyyy past my bedtime.
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I'm a bit too young to recognize the name (he retired when I was 11), but I definitely know the face. Having read the obit (acknowledging that the CBC is bound to be a bit on the hagiographical side): More like him, please.

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At eight years old, he put together his own newspaper. At 10, he operated his own newsstand.

Hard to beat that...
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When I was a kid and occasionally caught the beginning of The National (and also was up WAY past my bedtime), I was always so comforted by Knowlton Nash's presence. As a child, I "adopted" him as "my" newscaster.

Peter Mansbridge is great, but Knowlton Nash was my guy. So sad to hear of his passing.

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When I was a little kid I used to think it was called "The Nashional" after Knowlton Nash himself.

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Jess, YES! The way the intro said "The National, with Knowlton Nash" I figured there was no way it could be a coincidence.

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He was the gold standard.

He also gave the best commencement address I've ever heard, and I've heard plenty.
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In 1978, CBC's flagship news program opened like this:

The National with Knowlton Nash

I used to call him the National Nolt. He wrote a hell of an autobiography.
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He had that great 60-70s anchor voice that just made you know what he said was serious business.

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Knowlton Nash was the face and voice that shaped my view of the world growing up and made me want to become a journalist myself. He was extremely dedicated to his craft, always conscious that its importance and impact transcended any single on-air personality. Beyond that, he was a kind human being, patient, virtually impossible to anger, and loyal to a fault.

There will not be another like him again. He will be missed!

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