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Before the world knew him as Dr. John, Mr. Mac Rebennack was, as a very young man, already cooking up some utterly groovy, rollicking, jazzy and soulful R&B instrumentals that could've only come from New Orleans. One particularly delightful one was The Point, and another was Feedbag. Just let 'em hit ya, man, you're gonna love it.
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Great stuff. There are a few comps of his early recordings floating around out there. I like how Allmusic tags the mood as "greasy".
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These are excellent!
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Very good stuff indeed.
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Never heard these before. Thanks!
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From the I Love Music thread:
Second the recommendation of the autobiography. One of the most entertaining showbiz bios I've read. I did a phone interview with him once, he was great. I could have listened to that voice all day. When I called him, he picked up and just said, no hello or anything, "Dahgduh Jaahn."
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Thanks once again, flapjax. In my mind, I've just spent the last hour sitting in Tipitina's blissing out with Dr. John and Professor Longhair. A GREAT way to start a Saturday.
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Hopefully getting to see him next week at the Pittsburgh Blues Fest. I've seen him three times before over the last thirty years and he always does a good show.
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Ten seconds into The Point and I'm bopping around in my chair like a Muppet. Love it.
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Dude's been around. I saw Dr. John in the early 80's and as he hobbled up to the stage in the small club, I thought: Jeez, I might not get to see him again. Well, he's still at it. Saw him last year with Mavis Staples.

I always wondered what got into him to veer into - and then out of - that gris-gris night-tripper phase. I still love that catchy eerie album. I suppose he was possessed.
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I always wondered what got into him to veer into - and then out of - that gris-gris night-tripper phase.

It was perfect for the times! The deep NOLA tradition of black magic, hoodoo and such was a natural for mixing up with the psychedelic aesthetic of the period.

I wish he'd mined that vein longer. It was pretty cool.
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Lovely! I'll always particularly cherish his rockin' early single from when he was the frontman for Ronnie & The Delinquents.
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Great hearing Dr. John on ORGAN. That was news to me. Great find, flapjax. You've done it again!
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