"What am I supposed to do with all of these guys?"
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Oh, that doggo. I think that is actually the most pure expression of trust I've ever seen out of a dog--she's totally calm and very certain as she carries puppy after puppy over to her foster human. And I am usually pretty cynical about ascribing those kinds of things to dogs, because I have watched people project feelings onto dogs one time too many--but that, that, that is a dog who is genuinely doing something unusual in a way that really does speak to me of going "Okay, okay, I'm a bit overwhelmed but I trust you to have my back, and these things are really important so let me just carry them all to you where they will be safe."

I hope her foster mom keeps her. I don't even have much of a problem when my kitty fosters get adopted--mostly I just go "oh thank god we have only three cats again"--but I would keep an animal that displayed that kind of trust in me in a hot moment, if it was at all feasible. That's the kind of dog you foster fail on, absolutely.

Thank you for bringing me this. I needed this today.
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Oh, that is the sweetest thing to watch, thanks! She knew exactly what to do with all of them and she did it well.
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Yes, hello, we must all to Utah now. There's pups needing hugs there.
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oh jesus somebody link to this post the next time we have another super aggro thread about pit bull bans.
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I'd like to return these, please.
No, I'm afraid I didn't hold onto the receipt.
Well, can I at least exchange them for store credit?
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Yeah. I've watched this like 30,000 times. It's somehow very, very soothing to me. Especially the part where she says, "I have so much poopy on me."

Also, it makes me giggle to notice the vape pen next to her.
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Treated right, pit bulls are some of the nicest, most affectionate dogs you could ever ask for. My mom had two when I was growing up, and we also had a cat who had kittens. When the kittens got old enough to start wandering around by themselves, the female pit bull took to carrying them around in her mouth and giving them baths like puppies. It drove the mom cat a little crazy, but it was adorable.
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My favorite part is when the momma dog pauses in between puppy-fetching trips in order to receive pets and scritches on her big old noggin. Everything about dogs is so damn good.
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Nursing those puppies is not going to be fun for the human.
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My sister and her husband had a couple of pit bulls. They were the absolute sweetest things on earth, but dear lord did they like to chew on (and through) inanimate objects...
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Dead now from the adorable. Thanks!
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We don't deserve dogs.
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Nursing those puppies is not going to be fun for the human.

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There's something about getting a rescue/shelter dog to trust you that is just the most satisfying of all feelings. Like you are making up for all the neglect and cruelties of the human race.
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My favorite part:

Woman: "I've got all of the puppies and I'm sure I am going to be covered in puppy shit."
Other person: "Awesoooooome!"
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Treated right, pit bulls are some of the nicest, most affectionate dogs you could ever ask for.

On a bit of a whim I went to a friends' place for New Year's; they have a pit bull and warned everyone as they entered that "Ruby's 80 pounds but thinks she's a lap dog, let us know if you want us to put her in another room." but Ruby looked at you so adoringly when she snuggled up with you that I was actually actively seeking low-to-the-ground chairs in an attempt to lure her into my lap on purpose. At some point my friends looked across the room and saw Ruby sprawled on my lap, her head flung back so she could look up at me, and they started across the room to make her get down - but I just giddily said "Nooo don't take the puppy!"
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Oh what a good momma! I am not a pit bull fan in general, but she seems so sweet and loving like - here - I want pets and love, but I also want to be with my babies - so you hold all my babies and also pet me.

Amazing trust and love after being with her foster mom for just 3 weeks.
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Animal foster parents are always my heroes.
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[The breed question aside] I feel like if a doggo were to do this with me in the room it would henceforth and forevermore be my doggo, amen.
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I've known dogs that have had bad lives and then found good people, and that dog has that perpetually overjoyed and disbelieving look about her.
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Awww! I'm sharing this with all of the critter-people in my life.
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And she was stuck in that chair until the puppies grew up....

Happy, but a little too warm and covered in poo.
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I needed this.
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You wanna know pretty much the greatest thing in the universe?

When you have a litter about four or five weeks old, put them in a bucket or something while you clean out Baby Jail and put down fresh clean towels / bedding and then get in and sit down in the pen before biscotti brings the bucket of puppies back over and then you can just sit there and have the five or seven puppies just squirming around you and it doesn't smell like poop yet and isn't soggy with dog pee and OMG THE HYPOTENSION.

It is the greatest thing. For about 90 seconds. Then they start biting your toes with their horrible leetle needle teeth.
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See, I would have ended up sleeping on the floor with the dog and the puppies for the next 2 months.

No, really, I once slept on the floor with a sick feral cat for three months. Because animals are just better than people.
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humans: awwwwwww. Look at the complicated yet adorable thing that dog did.
Mom Dog: They. Won't. Shut. Up. Here, you take them.
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yeah when human babies make endless whining noises i want to launch them into the sun but when tiny puppers whine for hours on end im like HOW MAY I SERVE YOU TINY RULERS OF MY HEART

dogs are perfect
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Everyone should, at least once in their life, experience the pure joy of being buried in a pile of yipping, licking, wagging, wriggling puppies. Like this, but with puppies (although kittens work too).
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I grew up with a couple pitbulls. They're some of the sweetest and most trusting dogs I've ever encountered. This just melts my heart. Off to go hug my pup.
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They're good dogs, Brent.
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This is beautiful. Dogs are without a doubt the best things on this earth.
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Many decades ago, when I was but a wee little girl of 5 years of age, our Samoyed Waboose used to pile her tiny puppies all over my lap and arms to "guard" for her while she dashed downstairs and into the backyard for an urgent pee (even foregoing her usual 3-times-in-a-circle ritual).

Then she'd race all the way across the house and back up the stairs into my parents' bedroom to return to the puppies and me. My Dad always did tell me it was a great honour that she trusted me like that (especially since she never did it to either of my two older siblings).
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you were the chosen one of the Great Floof
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Only you will I trust to lick the.puppy poop off their adorable.puppy butts until they are big enough.to walk. My tongue is so tired.
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