Retired French cabinet-maker builds wooden Citroen 2CV
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Michel Robillard is a retired Frenchman and a cabinet-maker by profession since the age of 14. He shares two passions, wood and cars and, it would seem, a true love of the 2CV.

Presumably Robillard is a retired cabinet-maker, but still a Frenchman.

Video of the car.
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I've always had a soft spot for the 2CV.

Also both your links are the same.
posted by ilama at 10:37 AM on July 12 [1 favorite]

Michel Robillard is a retired Frenchman

You can retire from being French?
posted by jonmc at 10:38 AM on July 12 [5 favorites]

That is a beautiful thing.
posted by maxwelton at 10:49 AM on July 12

@Naberius: Ask and you shall receive.
posted by ilama at 11:07 AM on July 12 [2 favorites]

Eh. Call me when my books bring in more revenue than my day job.

worth a try, right? Man, I wish the real world was more like Metafilter.

and yes, I'm aware the genie-mode response to that wish would be to make me lose my day job.
posted by Naberius at 11:16 AM on July 12

I suspect the wooden version would be more rigid than the actual 2CV.
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Also both your links are the same.

Argh! Thanks, I have contacted the mods for hope.
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Did you hear about the car with wooden wheels, a wooden engine, and wooden doors?

It wooden start.
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I got a lift in a 2CV once. The passenger seat was a lawn chair, I swear.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 7:36 PM on July 12

I also retired from being French at age 14. Ahh, living in the golden years!
posted by Saxon Kane at 7:54 PM on July 12

I spent two years as a Frenchman, for tax purposes.
posted by blue_beetle at 9:06 PM on July 12

If he hides in it would it be a Trojan 2CV?
posted by dowcrag at 1:41 AM on July 13

There must be something about the 2CV/Dyane and woodworkers, because there's also Friend Wood's Tryane II.
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