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You know you just can't get enough of those juicy, succulent Presidential tweets, so here's the Markov chain bot the world so obviously needed.
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- Loaded 1163 kB worth of Trump tweets.
- Building the Markov chain on your machine.

I will never feel clean again.
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"Obama has not passed a 10 block long gas lines & total disarray, too much time ripping apart the 2nd. Amendment!"

It works!
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that's weird all I get is this error message
posted by lalochezia at 5:40 AM on November 7

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lawyers. "

I'd say it's mastered, and even elevated, the random quotation mark game.
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Honestly I feel a bit ill
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"I cannot believe how well I do well!"

Me neither, Donald. Me neither.
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Aren't there enough Trump tweets already without...

"President Obama is, not the problem."
"I killed Wolf Blitzer."
"We need a wall, and I will be a total sleazebag!"
"Roger Ailes is filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies."
"A strong military will stop checks & balances—a free-for-all that will destroy your property value."
"I can't meet with the truth."

...okay, carry on.
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"Resolve to be massive!"

Hell yeah!
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"It's Tuesday. See you soon!"

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"Gas prices are hitting consumers pockets http://somelink.com/ Bad for family grills."

"Dennis Rodman. Isn’t that frightening and sad?"

"It's Friday. How stupid!"
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From the bottom of the page:
for readers from the distant future: this code and article is being written at a time in which it's unsure whether or not Donald Trump — yes, that Donald Trump – will be or won't be the president of the United States

What an innocent time that was.
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Hmm, I got that Dennis Rodman one too, word for word.
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"I have not had a beautiful movement!"

Real talk about poop
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Wow, he must really hate wind farms...
posted by Greasy Eyed Gristle Man at 8:21 AM on November 7

With @IvankaTrump and crew at the end of the California shootings.

A 40mph gust of wind wrecked a wind turbine in Ardrossan, North Carolina, tonight for lying about Benghazi.

President Obama is tapping their phones? Nothing changes!

I had a great guy!

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For the sake of sensationalizing something!

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I claim prior art for doing this with his speeches, dammit.
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Well worth clicking the follow/fav/RT links on the fake twitter embed, repeatedly. (Even and especially after it asks you to stop.)
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One of my friends set up a Trump Markov twitter bot about a year ago, but since Trump's tweets are insane word salad even before you generate Markov chains from them, he decided to moderate it with Zippy the Pinhead.
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Will be discussing basic stupidity and incompetence, of which are needed to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
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Any word on if Filip (the author) has been formally charged with abuse of a stochastic process yet?
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Somebody got rich building the right people.

I don't have energy; without energy, you might as well as reality. @BarackObama

.@tedcruz you were smart, but @KarlRove is such that I would have thought about!

The NFL has just taken the oil (ISIS source of wealth) a long time ago).

Huh. This one might be easier to follow than the one on Twitter.
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Right out the gate I got:

"I don't want to Make America Great Again!"

And I don't think this thing's gonna top that.
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I claim prior art for doing this with his speeches, dammit.

Links, yo! Bring it.

"I don't want to Make America Great Again!"

Yeah, I got that one first, too.

After posting this I realized it didn't go that deep and that this was created pre-election and such. Honestly I was just up in the middle of the morning nursing my insomnia, and looking for an online markov chain widget to paste a bunch of Carter Page testimony text into because I'm sometimes evil like that, and I got distracted trying to find a script to de-crapify the blocks of text and quickly strip out all the damn hard line breaks in the OCRed transcript and found this and posted it and went back to bed.
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"Lance Armstrong just got back from defeat. Don't be so lucky!"
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Oh jeez, I did this with the oh-so-popular character level rnn but didn't post results anywhere. Maybe I should have.
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Markov chains can be fun - I put together a couple twitter bots for scientific journal articles a while back: Twitter, Python Source.

I think the Trump ones are harder to tell from real content, but I'm not sure if that's a function of Trump, or the corpus size.
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"The Cruz campaign issued a dishonest and basic scum. They come from all over the country. An overrated clown! "

Hey, every once in a while he gets things right!
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Links, yo! Bring it.

Is that within allowable self-linking parameters?

The Baffler

AV Club
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I know the thread is probably abandoned by now, but just for the record:
Our very stupidly run Country better stop being stupid. NO DOLLARS
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Is that within allowable self-linking parameters?

Self linking only really applies to posts, or comment spam where it's obviously unrelated self promotion. It's encouraged if it's on topic DIY products just like the ones you've linked.

Example: cortex links his personal weird projects in comments all the time. But, you know, in context, like "So, speaking of foo and bar. I just made this widget that bars foo!"

And thanks for the links!
posted by loquacious at 1:14 PM on November 9

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