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Big Head George and the Presidents
May 22, 2003 4:53 PM   Subscribe

"Virginia Attraction to Put its Heads Together." Like a bizarre hybrid of Easter Island and Mt. Rushmore, the future Presidents Park in Williamsburg, VA, will feature 43 house-sized busts of the presidents of the United States, allowing you to get very, uh, close to history [scroll down a bit]. Hopefully this will be as glorious as that other monument to the presidents in South Dakota; you know, this one.
posted by arco (3 comments total)

I can't wait to see the graffiti across Millard Fillmore...
posted by Vidiot at 6:19 PM on May 22, 2003

fellini would have a field day...
posted by oog at 6:47 PM on May 22, 2003

"Hey, man, don't bad-mouth the head."
posted by slipperywhenwet at 7:27 PM on May 22, 2003

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