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Meet The Bloggers. New BBC Radio Four series begins this week which interviews prominant bloggers about their craft. First up Anna of and Annie of Going Underground. Full first programme and unedited interviews here. I think this is the first time a major network has dedicated a whole series to the topic and treated it with such seriousness and intelligence -- I particularly like the moments in which the prose is sonically illustrated.
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Are they going alphabetically?
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What constitutes a "prominent" blogger? I've never heard of the two mentioned here (doesn't mean they're not prominent, just that I feel a little put off at being told they are). My mom knows who Kos is because she watches TV and listens to NPR, but I doubt she'd know who Jason Kottke (someone arguably prominent) is. My girlfriend knows Bob Harris but only knows a BoingBoing blogger if I point out the fact to her.

I don't doubt those interviewed have interesting things to say, just wondering what the criteria are for things like this.
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Anna's sister Meg (who I think did Anna's current design, like, 5 years ago) was one of the first bloggers I really liked.

That is all.

On preview: I am assuming these are "prominent" British bloggers, so perhaps they aren't on everyone's radar.
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The British "blog" too? How cute!
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hifiparasol -- Prominant was my usage and what I meant was prominant enough to be interviewed on the radio and be nominated in the Bloggies.

Actually I might listen to next week's episode live so that I can hear that work being used on Radio 4 at 9:30 in the morning.
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Craft? LOL.
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Anna's sister Meg (who I think did Anna's current design, like, 5 years ago) was one of the first bloggers I really liked.

I found Metafilter through Meg's old blog. Some post about the whole Casey debacle led me here.
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"The British "blog" too?"

Only they pronounce it "blargh", and their sidebars are all on the right instead of the left.
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I realized that was your usage, feeling. Didn't intend to snark; just musing at how Web fame is pretty arbitrary in a world where most folks aren't as tuned into Who's Who On The Internets as, say, supercool folks who frequent the blue.
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I only read published authors.
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It was an interesting programme - my girlfriend is in the next edition where he talks to expat bloggers.

Mark was an interesting interviewer and a serious journalist - he's done a lot of reporting from the middle east for example, who is trying to show the wide variety of blogging out there. His criteria seemed to be to get people who had a 'voice' or personality that came through in their blog, but by definition it is a bit hit and miss.

Much of the mainstream media is too dismissive of blogging, preferring to sneer or to be outright abusive. At least Mark is letting people speak for themselves.

And yes, it is going to be interesting to hear that word on radio 4 at 9:30 am.
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And wasn't it -- I think it's the first time I've heard a language warning before a programme on Radio 4 at that time of the morning. Another excellent programme.
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