Crapping Tiger, Hidden Death
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Crapping Tiger, Hidden Death -- gotta be worse than watching porn on Wal-Mart equipment. Is this guy a front runner for the 2001 Darwin Award? and, secondarily, is ananova a legitimate news source? they always seem to have the kooky stories....
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posted by Dark Messiah at 5:52 PM on February 23, 2001

Aargh. I just messed up. Fuck, I've got to stop running multiple browser windows... *backs away into corner*
posted by Dark Messiah at 5:53 PM on February 23, 2001

donkey used the patented "incomprehensible irrelevancies" style of posting so that you would be fooled.

For the record, the ABOVE ananova story is about a zookeeper, his tigers, and a roll of toilet paper. Nothing to do with watching porn on Wal-Mart equipment.
posted by dhartung at 6:51 PM on February 23, 2001

Hey wow! I can have Ananova send breaking stories about animal attacks to my WAP phone!

Thanks Internet! My life would be so hard without you!
posted by whatnotever at 8:02 PM on February 23, 2001

If the story is indeed true, three cheers for the tiger. Of course, I'm the guy who watches rodeos on ESPN just to root for the bulls.
posted by xtrmntr at 10:26 PM on February 23, 2001

Then the picadors of course,
Each one on his horse,
I shouted "Ole!" ev'ry time one was gored.

posted by Aaaugh! at 11:51 PM on February 23, 2001

Ananova is a legit news site, once you get past that already-passe talking puppet. It used to be the Press Association's web site (the PA is like the AP, but British), until it was spun off to try to make a profit (ha ha ha!).
posted by aaron at 2:57 PM on February 24, 2001

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