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Target Practice
August 8, 2008 6:29 PM   Subscribe

“It’s amazing how many people are shooting. This is probably the heaviest shooting we’ve witnessed, and although it’s Memorial Day, you can’t just blame it on the United States. France, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Canada, so it’s not one place – almost global shooting.” [previously]
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Throngs of furious protesters massed on the pavement to vent their rage at Bilal, carrying signs that read “Freedom isn’t Free,” pictures of stealth bombers dropping their payloads over Iraq that said “Take that Virtual Jihadi,” and others depicting an elephant (the symbol of the Republican Party) voiding its bowels on a crudely drawn map of Iraq.

Oh, you zany Republicans...
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the post doesn't tell you what this is actually about, and the article, infuriatingly enough, teases for four long paragraphs. Here is what it's about:

This powerful amalgam of hope and despair, spite and pathos, which Bilal initially called Shoot an Iraqi, unfolded last spring in Chicago’s FlatFile Gallery. (It was later renamed Domestic Tension to allay the concerns of Susan Aurinko, the gallery’s owner.) For 30 days, Bilal lived in a 4.6 by 9.8 metre performance space, while people around the world watched – and targeted him – through a webcam attached to a remote-controlled paintball gun, capable of firing over a shot per second at the Iraqi in question.
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