غزل گفتی و در سفتی بیا و خوش بخوان حافـظ
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Thousands of people who play setar in Iran are against me,” he said. “They say why add two more strings to the instrument? But I don’t get upset with them.

Hafez Nazeri, son of renown Persian singer Shahram Nazeri, is an Iranian setar player and composer. Tomorrow night, he will be the first Iranian composer to headline a concert at Carnegie Hall. The concert will feature a new instrument invented by Nazeri: the Hafez.

The Hafez, named for both its inventor and for the celebrated Persian poet, is a modified setar with added bass strings, making the instrument more suitable for a broader range of music.
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Hafez plays the instrument at the end of the last link before the "more inside". Sounds really, really nice to me.
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Ain't never gonna do it without Hafez on...
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What a wonderful post. I wish I could go to the concert . . . gorgeous music. Thanks especially for the father/son musical clip.
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This is great. I like the setar a lot, but the hafez sounds so full and beautiful. An alternate approach is to add "fretlets" to a classical guitar so that it can play quarter tones, which is what the Iranian guitarist Lily Afshar has done ("Gozaar" links to an mp3 where that guitar is used). The setar/hafez has the advantage of accommodating just intonation, though.
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Thanks, Lutoslawski.
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