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Magazines on Google
January 11, 2010 7:39 PM   Subscribe

The full text of several years of various magazines are available on google for your browsing pleasure. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (1940-1998) Popular Mechanics (1900-2005), Weekly World News (1984-2007, Hitler's Secret UFO Plans), Life (1936-1972), Ebony (1960-2008) and many more.

Via postbourgie who picks out a few choice skin lightening ads from Ebony
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I loved the outrageous headlines in The Weekly World News. I couldn't find "Bigfoot Stole My Wife" but this headline at the top of the page has always run a close second for me.
posted by DaddyNewt at 8:53 PM on January 11, 2010

Looks like everybody's busy reading.
The only problem I have with these is that I have to add each issue to my Google library individually. I wish I could add magazines by title. Otherwise, thanks Google!
posted by irisclara at 8:57 PM on January 11, 2010


Heh heh.
posted by jabberjaw at 9:03 PM on January 11, 2010

I noticed this a few weeks ago. It helped me find something I've been looking for for years--an article, in Popular Mechanics, published in 1998, that got me into fountain pens.

I think I'm going to find a lot of nostalgia there.
posted by MrGuilt at 9:08 PM on January 11, 2010 [1 favorite]

Total derail, but I had a rather extreme reaction to seeing a "skin brightener" in a product line called AmeriPure.
posted by BrotherCaine at 10:26 PM on January 11, 2010

This is great, thanks. This was mentioned in a previous thread, but there are some good DIY projects in those old Popular Mechanics issues.
posted by invitapriore at 10:31 PM on January 11, 2010

I can't find the classic "FAMED PSYCHIC'S HEAD EXPLODES" headine on the Weekly World News. I know I didn't imagine it, cause plenty of other folks remember it too.
posted by viborg at 10:32 PM on January 11, 2010

Squeezing into the '70s: Can 200 million Americans tolerate each other well enough to survive like this?
posted by BaxterG4 at 10:33 PM on January 11, 2010

viborg: Phone Psychic's Head Explodes
posted by jabberjaw at 10:58 PM on January 11, 2010

Previously seen on MetaFilter. Worth a revisit though.
posted by tellurian at 11:21 PM on January 11, 2010

The ads in the Weekly World News are as outrageous as the headlines. I think I'd have paid $9.95 plus $1.00 for shipping and handling to get my pyramid kit and learn how to become a Super-Being.
posted by birdwatcher at 3:55 AM on January 12, 2010

Life (1936-1972),

Via postbourgie who picks out a few choice skin lightening ads from Ebony

Since we're talking about Life Magazine, and skin lightening ;), in 'Dreams from My Father', Barack Obama writes about how he, as a child, came upon images in Life magazine of a black man who underwent a chemical treatment to lighten his skin, with (as Pres. Obama writes it) horrifying results (pg 29-30 in the paperback edition).

Does anyone have a clue, what edition these photos might be in? A quick search didn't turn up anything...
posted by thermonuclear.jive.turkey at 4:09 AM on January 12, 2010

A fun project would be to pair off adds for skin lightening projects with those for tanning salons using the same kind of layout and hyperbole. Which of course makes me wonder what I'm doing right now that is going to seem quaint, vaguely twisted or both 50 years from now.
posted by Kid Charlemagne at 6:44 AM on January 12, 2010

Metafilter: quaint, vaguely twisted or both 50 years from now.

posted by General Tonic at 7:10 AM on January 12, 2010

Hitler's secret UFO planes containing Cheryl Ladd? Holy shnikees.
posted by stormpooper at 9:41 AM on January 12, 2010

I like that the Nazi UFO story is accompanied by pictures of kittens playing in a coat. So many conflicting emotions. Reader: Man, I hate those scheming Nazis but boy howdy those kittens are cute. Kittens don't belong in coats! Awww.
posted by Lokisbane at 2:40 AM on January 13, 2010

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