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Green Bay Packers Yearbooks from the (Vince) Lombardi Era (1960-1967). The yearbooks here are from the team's return to glory under Lombardi. Arriving in 1959, Lombardi led the Packers to their first winning season in eleven years in his first year as coach. From that auspicious start, Lombardi's Packers had nine winning seasons and claimed five NFL championships in the 1960s. Each yearbook contains roughly 80 pages of text and photos.
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Thanks for this. I grew up in Green Bay but I just missed this era and of course all I'm thinking about this week is the Superbowl.
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Really nice find. Thanks very much for this. Go, Pack, Go!
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Manna from football heaven. And that is coming from Cowboy country.
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From page 4 of the 1960 yearbook:
"In the front office, Lombardi presided over a million dollar's worth of business, the club's first seven figure $$ year in history."
A different era.
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very cool, but go steelers!
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Is there a way to download this PDF file and look at it off-line?
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The Lombardi Documentary on HBO is really good too. Not so sure about the Lombardi Musical on Broadway. Thanks for the great link., "I love my Green Bay Packers"!!!

PS. "The Bears Still Suck"!!! (can't find that song link) :)
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I know a husband who is going to be really happy to see this. Thanks!
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