Andy Kershaw: Music Planet
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Andy Kershaw's back. BBC radio DJ Andy Kershaw, champion of world music and an old mate of John Peel's, was sacked from the airwaves three years ago after some personal problems. Now he's back, with a Radio 3 series called Music Planet, where he and Lucy Duran travel the globe listening to each region's traditional music. So far, they've tackled Deserts, Oceans and the Arctic, and all three 60 minute programmes are available online. I think they're rather good.
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Thanks, I used to listen to Andy Kershaw all the time. Glad to see him back.
posted by arcticseal at 5:16 AM on January 30, 2011

Andy Kershaw is a stirling chap and one of this country's finest broadcasters and musicologists. I'm genuinely delighted he's got back on track and is back on the airwaves. If anybody is interested, he also has an autobiography out.
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Good to have Andy back
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the Arctic segment is absolutely marvelous.
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Chalk me up as another one glad to see Andy put his problems behind him. Thanks for the heads-up.
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I'm glad he's back. I also used to listen to him quite a bit, and I now look forward to listening to him again. Thanks for pointing this out!
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I'm delighted he's back on the radio.

Wish this was available as a podcast.
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Seconding DanCall, does anyone know of this as a podcast?
posted by arcticseal at 5:40 PM on January 31, 2011

I'd have found a podcast more convenient too, but I'm afraid there isn't one.

I'm hoping Radio 3 might eventually put out a double CD collecting the music from the series, though, because I'd love to have stuff like that closing song from the Arctic episode in my collection. Also, I wonder if Andy's rehabilitiation is now judged compete enough for the station to reinstate his Sunday night DJ show?
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