New year of the rabbit
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On China realtime report (WSJ blogs): while China celebrates the upcoming year of the rabbit, an intensely violent satirical animation has gone viral.

The video was aired over last week-end, just before being "harmonized" on Monday. It covers the 2008 milk scandal, unrest related to housing speculation, and the recent "Li Gang scandal" (see here and here). The authors claim they were "just venting".
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Coincidentally "my dad is Li Gang" was sentenced to 6 years in jail earlier today.
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"We'll not risk another frontal assault. That rabbit's dynamite!"
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The internet resists censorship--it treats it as damage.
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This being mefi, this post will just never feel complete without the swarm of Chinese-nationalist trolls.
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Mm. It was OK, but it was no Old Boy.
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Cool. It's like distilling a year's worth of ESWN and Chinasmack down to a single animated Youtube video--but with rabbits. I like it!
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This being mefi, this post will just never feel complete without the swarm of Chinese-nationalist trolls.

How is this possible? Wumao only get 50 cents to post pro-Chinese government things, but it costs five whole dollars to get on here! Unless there's been inflation, and they're now called the Wuquai Gang.
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Never have I wished so hard to be able to read Chinese
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The fact that Happy Tree Friends style animation is being used to speak political truth tells me the world continues to be weirder than I could have imagined.

A friend came back from China last year and brought this quote that he felt summarized the average person's attitude about the government there: "They're all pig fuckers, and the pigs are their mothers"

So, this animation is only a surprise in style, not in message.
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Written translation linked in the first article.
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The Li Gang thing, as I understand it, is only one of many instances of hit and runs by powerful people in China.
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2011 seems to be the year of populist anger. Let's hope these trends continue.
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Economic downturns generally cause instability. But I heard things were going pretty good in China, but I suppose that depends on how well the wealth is distributed as well. If it's all going into the pockets of the rich, that'll be a problem.
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Definitely hope this trend of protest continues.

That rabbit song (nursery rhyme, perhaps) was one of my childhood--the way it's been modified is quite cool.
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They've actually got a lot of videos with similar themes (they're all very violent and focus somewhat on protesting the social order, albeit not nearly as obviously anti-government as this particular one):

理想在哪里 - Where're Our Dreams?
炸学校 - Bombing School

The series, called 哐哐日记 (Kuang Kuang's Diary), mostly focuses on school life from the '80s.
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Isn't there considerable suspicion that the Li "my dad is Li Gang" Qiming going to prison isn't the real one?

By comparison, no charges were ever brought against Alice Walton after she killed a 50-year-old mother of two with her Porsche. In fact, the incident has largely been scrubbed form the internet, except for very brief statements.

We'll see how it turns out when China's many Li Qimings eventually run the country, probably some Bush v2s will arise.
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