Holy Fools
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Sou Ootsuki has recently posted a new version of his wildly popular video* for Nujabes'* "Luv(sic) Pt.2". This time, rather than the streets of Japan, he filmed it in the villages of Cambodia. The result is similar, yet very, very different.
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The scenes (and sounds) of minefields are an interesting mix with the lyrics:
The rhymes will heal 'cause I believe in music
In times of need I won't be leaving you sick
The beat plus the melody's the recipe
Hip-hop world wide we got to live in peace like that.
Especially the ending with a close-up picture of someone holding the "Danger:Mines!" sign, and the slow-motion explosion in the background.
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I'm actually reading through the lyrics (instead of picking up random words and enjoying the music), and more of them pair up thematically with the visuals of this new video (with the realization that Cambodia is still full of land mines, to a degree which I cannot quite grasp - such as land mines used to settle domestic disputes). Cherry-picking lyrics:
Well anyways, I am not a perfect being, yes I am, a man full of s-i-n
It's like the devil in me saw the God in you,
You epitomize the etymology of enthusiasm


Let me mention what I've been thinking
How to save the children, when the ship is sinking
So I'm singing, no lip syncing to slogans
Political hooligans with tanks, missiles and guns
Everything is relative when it's all in the family of man
And I still miss Nujabes.
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New video to me, and thanks for the extended Nujabes link; I knew the Champloo music, didn't know his other stuff, and didn't know he'd died.
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Thanks for linking to the previous thread. I missed it the first time and didn't know he had died either.
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I would have been exploded to death if I grew up in Cambodia - always running off and exploring and discovering things.
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Nujabes was fucking awesome. RIP.
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Wonderful section with the land mine and the amputees dancing in the foreground. So harsh yet transcendent.
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