Contains very strong language
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The Royal Society has a great video that animates one of Steven Pinker’s lectures on ‘Language as a Window into Human Nature’. View the full lecture at the RSA. (via Mindhacks)
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Look forward to watching this. The two other RSA Animate videos I have seen have been excellent.

Ken Robinson on Educational paradigms

David Harvey - Crises of capitalism

Masterful stuff. I'm just slightly concerned that I find this format so persuasive, you might be able to animate some old speech by Fritz Lens advocating eugenics and I'd end up thinking it was a good idea ;)
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Note: this isn't the Royal Society, which is an elite society of scientists . It's the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, which is a much larger members' organisation of thinkers and doers. Each of the 27,000 fellows pays £150 a year to be a member.

Having attended RSA events and knowing plenty of members, I must say that the RSA is pretty awesome.
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Yeah, I came in here for Royal Society clarification. There's kind of a lot of them...
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"The emporor has no clothes."

Just sayin'.

(Also, I love Steven Pinker and Politeness Theory and RSA and therefore this post x3 and more, so thanks all around!)
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Lezzlies, are you in my composition class? I just showed them this yesterday. I've used the Ken Robinson one before too. They like funny pictures.
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Lezzlies, are you in my composition class?

Nope. But students, especially ESL students, do seem to like them.
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Agreed. These are great ways to introduce new concepts for classroom discussion. I really want more of these.
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The RSA folks and their contractor have really gotten the whiteboard technique down cold. I created a similar piece last autumn and, despite having decades of production and post experience, found it to be rather challenging.
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I'm pretty much addicted to these RSA videos. For some reason the animation just seems to stick in my head better than any (primarily) verbal lecture did in college.
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