Gnome life hit me like the holy ghost.
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This will be the story of a gnome who leaves the garden and moves to New York City. The gnome's journey is difficult and lonely but he remains hopeful and even ferocious as he takes life by the horns. [Main page / Archive]
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I was kinda hoping for Gnome Chomsky, gnome sayin'?
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Ah shoot, flashback. See, I walked into a gnome emergency first thing at work yesterday. No, I am not kidding. I'm really not. It took up a good part of my morning when I desperately needed to be getting other things done.

When I left work late afternoon, my bossman asked, you headed gnome?

I answered, No, I am running away from gnome.
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So it's a collection of photos of someone standing around typical large-city backdrops, New York landmarks and simulated nature; wearing a hat and prop beard; while dressed as a white collar professional, snowboarder or total asshole? Thanks for making me aware of this. You see, I hate jokes and it gives me great pleasure to see a weak, barely-formed joke beaten to death.
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fucking amelie
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The photography is well done, and I rather like the squinty gnome eyes, suspicious of the world, unlike the cheesy garden gnome. And he could have been a lot scarier.
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Did I remember that correctly?
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nathancaswell: "fucking ameli"
I hope your slippers shrink.
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i wouldn't have a problem with it if travelocity hadn't arleady beaten the gnome on a vacation thing into the dirt
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Among Gnomes and Trolls
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If you see a garden gnome
Pick him up and take him home
To make sure that he's really dead
Stick something sharp into his head
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Go big or go gnome.
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I thought this said genome at first, and thought the post was a fabulous description of evolution!
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Ah New York, there's no place like gnome.
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Was I wrong to expect a picture of him being hit by a tray?
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