Organizing the Bookcase
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Organizing the Bookcase to the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela, by Sean Ohlenkamp. His version of The end of Movember. Portfolio inside.
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He did Palin / President earlier
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.....What happened to the banana at the end????
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(Oh. And thanks for the animations, growabrain. Super cute!)
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I am packing to move house, and this is major inspiration. Many thanks!
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Who organizes their books by color? Cute, though.
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This is major inspiration for me to actually reorganize the books we threw on the shelves in any old order when we moved. So thanks for from over here too!
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After noticing that the books were listed in the credits, I had to freeze-frame them to see what the titles were ("You know you're a book-lover when..."). And wouldn't ya know; just like an animator, he re-uses the same few books over and over again andOhGodSomeonePleaseGetMeAJobIHaveWayTOOMuchTimeOnMyHands
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Although I personally have carefully avoided organizing my bookshelves in any fashion, after a friend casually mentioned that "An organized bookshelf makes it look like you don't actually read the books."
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I recently organized my books by color and I LOVE it. It looks great, and I'm surprised how easy it is to find a book when I want one -- If I can remember what it looks like, I know just where to look.
However, I'm bummed how many white books I have. Sometimes I'll think about my bookshelf when picking up a new book, thinking "ooh, this is dark green! I don't have a lot of those!"
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