You've Been Served
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The Served is a family of sites that brings you a steady supply of top quality creative work in specific categories: Fashion, Industrial Design, Photography [some nsfw], Typography, and Motion Graphics. All projects are streamed directly from the owner's portfolios in the Behance Network, along with proper attribution and a direct link to contact information.
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The world has such an unbelievable amount of content, stuff, things. Swag, booty, loot. Ideas and discussions and words. Wonderful set of links and sites, but I am exhausted. How does one take it all in?
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How does one take it all in?

Quit work. Dump the family. Move to a cabin in the woods in Montana. Get a satellite internet connection. Vegetate. Write a manifesto.
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Damn, I've been doing it backwards. Started with the manifesto.
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Great site for a photographer who would love to tramp the woods of Montana with an antique view camera converted to digital. When tired of bears, I could always turn German glass to crazy manifesto-writing shut-ins.
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Thanks netbros. I was wondering if the interwebs had come up with something like this ...
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