Retaliation Starts
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Retaliation Starts A mosque in Irving, TX came under gunfire in the early hours of this morning just before Muslims gathered for the early morning (first) prayer of the day.
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Sorry, the link is not working. I was told that the Islamic Center of Irving's website was up and running. Maybe in a while if will be back up. Damn Windows NT.
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Some chucklefuck here in Chicago threw a Molotov cocktail at the Arab Education Center, so I'm sure scads of random acts of violence will be popping up.
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try this: yahoo story
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All I have to say is: gun control. This is sick.

I guess that was two things.
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I saw graffiti spraypainted on the sidewalk outside of a Santa Monica 7-11 this morning. It said "Bomb the Arabs" in big red letters.
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try this: yahoo story
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I'm absolutely disgusted with America right now.
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Here's another link.
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Makes me ashamed to be a Texan right now. People are not reacting well around here, and with the new confirmations of the Arab hijackers, I fear it will get worse.
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This means "they" are "winnning." Despite the bravery and resolve shown during the attacks yesterday, they are ultimately tearing up the fiber of America. They are making us less tolerant of different races and religions.

Irony: In bringing down American ideals, they make it worse for other Arabs and Muslims here.

Yesterday, I was proud of how America was handling it. Now I begin to be ashamed of some. This chips away at the unity and resolve and means we are letting them win.

This is sick. And sad.
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It's sick. Most Arabs I know in the US are people who have tried to get away from the politics and fighting of their homelands, not bring it over across the Atlantic.
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What makes me more ashamed of living in Texas right now is listening to the news/talk radio down here. I heard a man this morning insist that all of Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq be destroyed for the good of the world. Nothing short of that would suffice.

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[This means "they" are "winnning." ]

No, this means that we still have ignorant morons in our country. You thought they'd all left or something?

[I'm absolutely disgusted with America right now.]

Really? I'm absolutely disgusted with small minded fools who blame an entire nation for the acts of a few idiots.

This is sick and stupid. It should be fought and these small minded people should be educated in the reality of hundreds of millions of peace loving arabs and muslims who are just as shocked at yesterdays events as we are.

Giving up on America because we have a few morons here is like putting a gun to your head because you have a cold.
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This shouldn't change our view of people. The people here in New York involved in the disaster behaved wonderfully. They helped each other, and showed real concern and caring. People not involved directly with the blast are acting like macho idiots. Had they had a closer look at what violence accomplishes, I think maybe they wouldn't be acting this way.
America has always prided itself on its ignorance, and we have to get over that.
posted by Doug at 12:35 PM on September 12, 2001

Amen, revbrian.
posted by marknau at 12:38 PM on September 12, 2001

Well crap, you might know our "good ole boys" down here would be some of the first to react. Sometimes you can't believe what people will do for "fun" here in Texas . It makes me angry and if you say much about it most people just say "Oh, well theey where drunk and just having fun." SHIT! SHIT!
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someone on the radio proclaimed that he wanted to bomb the local islamic mosque...i had an image of a mosque (a beautiful one) in my cubicle, i have it covered today, for fear that people will question it...i am hindu/agnostic but...i have alot of anxiety...the presidents usage of a christian psalm promotes the sentiment that this is a christian vs. other religion problem...not a terrorist vs. america boyfriend is lovely, sweet and intelligent, but white and with faith in the people around him...while i don't have that faith, at least not at this moment. how do i get my faith back, my faith that people in general are good and don't judge based on color, religion and clothing?
posted by m2bcubed at 12:54 PM on September 12, 2001

m2bcubed, I don't have the words to tell you how to get your faith back, except that not all Christians act that way. True Christians, as with people of other religions do not believe in judging people on skin color, religion or clothing. Put your chin up, be proud of who you are, uncover your picture and give your boyfriend a hug.
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A working URL:
Dallas-area mosque target of shooting
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Can we at least get our terminology right? There's no such thing as a Christian psalm. Gah.
posted by Dreama at 1:22 PM on September 12, 2001

m2bcubed, some people do judge people on religion and color and whatnot. But losing your faith in ALL people because SOME do that is sort of the same thing, isn't it?
posted by Doug at 1:27 PM on September 12, 2001

Hey Dreama, maybe she didn't know that? Why be a snot and act like that, instead of maybe letting her know politely?
posted by Doug at 1:28 PM on September 12, 2001

are you suggesting that everyone should know what a psalm is? that everyone, regardless of what religion they were brought up in, should know all the terminology of a religion that is not their own?
posted by m2bcubed at 1:30 PM on September 12, 2001

and yes doug, you are right, by losing faith in all people, i am also judging. thank you.
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m2bcubed: The Book of Psalms isn't exclusively Christian; it actually was written around 1000 BC and is thus used by Jews, Muslims, and Christians.
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oh! thank you skyline. i was afraid that he was promoting anti-islamic sentiments by encouraging the idea that he was only speaking to folks that believed in christianity...although i wonder if he realized that he was actually speaking to jews, muslims, and christians??
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you people are naive if you think that Muslims whip out the christian bible for devotions. Yes, Muslims believe in the bible in theory, but definitely not the christian version of it. They believe the Christian version has been corrupted. So yes, there definitely is such a thing as a christian/jewish psalm.
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All I have to say is: gun control. This is sick.

And ban all airline traffic in the US also? I guess we need to make box cutters and any thing sharp or even pointy illegal too. If this isn't a big enough symbol that guns aren't the problem, idiots are I don't know what is. By seeking to eliminate a symptom of a problem instead of concentrating on the problem, you are acting in a similar manner to a terrorist - and we all can see how many problems they have managed to solve.

The moron(s) who committed this act should be dealt with in the same manner as the sort of people who committed yesterday's atrocities: they are of the same ilk. They are the type of people who would have happily locked people in concentration camps because they "looked" Jewish and they had decided for whatever reason that because one of these people had supposedly done something that affected them, ALL of them were guilty. It is racism and stupidity at it's ugliest - what that has to do with gun control is beyond me.

If the guy had any brains he would have built a bomb using a common propane tank from a gas grill, it would have caused much more damage and loss of life. Oh gee, now we'll have to ban those too, won't we? So where do we stop, for human ingenuity will outstrip your ability to ban potential hazards and safety will NEVER be obtained by attempting to control objects. Only education, openess, love and freedom will ever succeed...
posted by RevGreg at 3:00 PM on September 12, 2001

Um...jnthnjng...Christ don't come into the psalms much, as they are Old Testament, yes?
posted by Catch at 3:04 PM on September 12, 2001

Hmm, muslims apparently believe in the Injeel (the teachings of Jesus (considered a prophet in Islam)), but I'm not sure about whehter the Psalms form part of the holy texts. However, I believe the words ring true in any theist religion - "Tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me"

I hope I quoted that ok - the valley of the shadow of death is a narrow gorge one man wide, completely dark.. All those who believe in God, Allah or whatever divine creator should pray for those still buried and for the future yet to come - for the humanity we share.
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Um...jnthnjng...Christ don't come into the psalms much, as they are Old Testament, yes?

I'm not quite sure what that has to do with anything. Islam believes in the teachings of Jesus (Isa) as well, but not the account that we have in the christian bible. But Islam and christianity differ on many points, not just the notion that Jesus is God's son. And since the bible contradicts many principles of the Q'uran, muslims believe that the bible has been corrupted by christians over the centuries. Seems pretty simple to me.

And Mossy, the psalms are part of the holy texts. The arabic name is Zaboor.
(did i just teach a muslim something about islam? :)
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I don't think Mossy claimed to be a Muslim scholar of any sort did you? So thanks for pointing that out jnthnjng but I don't see why there needs to be a mocking tone. We all learn from one another.
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A saucer of milk for jnthnjng
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