A Lie of the Mind
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A Lie of the Mind : 'Brain tumors are funny, but they're not hilarious.' On the Fourth of July 2010 I was walking to the train with my favorite person ever, Mike O’Malley, and had several massive, uncontrollable seizures. [...] I am now under the care of new specialists because of an insurance issue, and am kind of starting from scratch again regarding treatment. This blog is meant to record this bizarre process.
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Massive headwounds are the BEST. Also yet another reason why I wish hats were more in fashion -- a friend (parents' age) just got diagnosed with alopecia universalis, and I wish I had more to offer her than just knitted tam o' shanters and Red Hats *shudder*

I like this chick's moxie, and I hope she continues to fight the glamorous fight.
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I love this girl already. I'm gonna read this whole thing instead of working today.
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Also, I wish the worst sorts of pain upon who ever designed the tumblr archive page. It is nearly impossible to actually use.
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OK, she's completely fucking awesome and that tumor better be DONE because the world needs a lot more awesome right now. Strength to her and her family.
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Figures she an actress..
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This is totally inspiring.

And I'm the type of person who usually frowns on inspiration.

Keep fighting, and fuck cancer.
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