That High, Lonsome sound
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Toshio Hirano is from Japan. Toshio Hirano lives here now. He came to this country following a particular sound and has made a career of it. He even has a movie about him (YT trailer)! He plays monthly here in San Francisco. Last night, as I watched him sing the blues, I reflected on how different yet connected our two countries are. Join me in sending good thoughts to our brothers and sisters in Japan.
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I am not convinced that good thoughts (or prayers, the more ritualized cousin of good thoughts) actually help anybody, nonetheless, I join you in sending my good thoughts to Japan. I greatly admire the country of Japan and the Japanese have my sympathy.
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Toshio Hirano hasn't, as far as I know, made a career of his singing in the sense that it brings him funds in any significant sense. He is great, though.
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I would tend to agree about thoughts, prayers...however, I do feel that by honoring and acknowledging the preciousness and fragility of our lives we can be inspired to be better people wherever we are and help those around us. Taking inspiration form tragedy is often the best thing people can do to "help".
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Toshio! <3 <3 <3
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Toshio's great! He's got the sound and feel of the old-timey stuff down great. His on-stage persona is endearing: self-deprecating, sly, always winking and grinning. Definitely an important part of the SF old-time and bluegrass scene.
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Great movie.
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Toshio is one of my favorite people ever. I randomly stumbled into one of the Amnesia's free Monday bluegrass nights when he was playing sometime in 2003, and fell in love.

If you see him, make sure you get him to play Cattle Call. This guy can yodel like nobody can.
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Toshio's daughter went to the same schools as my daughter. In addition to his talent, he's a very sweet, very humble, very funny guy. Definitely worth seeing, if you have a chance.
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