Science Fair Photos, 1942-2011
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Thanks for posting this! I'm in the 1992 photos, and this really takes me back. Going to the (then Westinghouse) finals was an amazing experience for me in high school and I remember it very fondly. Meeting Glenn Seaborg was a real treat, as was being flown to the Today show on a private jet. I'm still in science years later, and I've run into one or two of the other finalists in scientific settings in the years since.
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Aww. And man, folks in mid-70s sure were much more relaxed about the whole thing. It's like a breath of fresh air. Or breath of something, anyway.
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mediareport's "relaxed" link shows Linda Bockenstedt, now a professor at Yale Medical School, and Eric Lander, who sequenced the human genome.
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These are fantastic.
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When Westinghouse was running it, there always seemed to be winners in Pittsburgh, my and Westinghouse's home town. I recall one kid built a working jet engine. How do I get to a particular year's winner?
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If you haven't found it yet, StickyCarpet, this page lists the sets by year. And escabeche, that extra info makes them so much better.
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