Guns selling briskly.
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Guns selling briskly. (NYTimes link, registration required -- scroll down to last subheading.) "They sold me out of ammo by 10 in the morning," said the owner of one Colorado gun store. Apparently some people want personal protection, and others want to "vent" on the firing range. "I had people who said, yeah, they would like to put up a picture of Osama bin Laden and go to work."
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And there are people who will do the pictures too Sigh
posted by bregdan at 10:05 AM on September 13, 2001

I'd rather see people shooting paper targets of Laden on a range than pistol-whipping the "Arabic looking" man walking down the street, or throwing pig blood on the local mosque. A little perspective is needed. People shoot targets all the time. If this is how they vent and deal with their (justifiable) anger, then more power to them.
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A little perspective is needed.

Great. Try getting some.

Why not "none of the above" (e.g. not attack mosques, not pistol-whip Arabs, and not practice shooting). I can think of few things less constructive and helpful at this particular time than target practice on pictures of Bin Laden.

And oh yes, buy more guns by all means. More arms sent to the Middle East by certain governments have certainly led to peace there, just as more guns in this country has certainly led to less violence here.
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fold_and_mutilate, I'd go into great detail explaining how very wrong I thought you were if it weren't for the fact that this seems like an awful time to be pushing individual political agendas.

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