extremely good photographs
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extremely good photographs non graphic, but so excellant in showing many facets of this disaster.
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These are far and away the best pictures I've seen. Thanks for the post.
posted by precipice at 12:12 AM on September 13, 2001

amazing...very good pictures..this guy must have risked more than his equipment for these shots.....
posted by studiovector at 12:23 AM on September 13, 2001

Thanks for the post, Jack. Great photos, although the one with the church cross in the foreground and the "flag through the window" shot are a bit over-the-top for my taste.
posted by Bixby23 at 12:31 AM on September 13, 2001

I wish I knew what equipment and film he used there....
posted by gluechunk at 12:35 AM on September 13, 2001

Check out the other photo-essays at time.com too, I have had a good look at them today.

It's scary, some of them are so good you can't believe it is real, it just looks so much like a movie set.
posted by sycophant at 1:10 AM on September 13, 2001

Does anybody else find it in bad taste that Time is running a banner ad on its site for the Time Life commemorative-edition Pearl Harbor book right now? I can't link to it because it's apparently a run-of-site ad that only pops up occasionally, but I saw it on one of the WTC photo gallery pages and it left a bad taste in my mouth.
posted by damn yankee at 1:28 AM on September 13, 2001

posted by mis at 1:32 AM on September 13, 2001

Writing from Italy and I have so far only seen TV pictures. These are the best photographs I have seen. Thay manage to capture a hell of a lot in terms of what happened
posted by nickwils at 5:09 AM on September 13, 2001

Stunning photos. These pictures convey so much more to me than large scale TV pics of the WTC being destroyed. They are human, clear and grounded.

However, I really don't like the clumsy juxtapostion of the cross. Tuesday's attack was not (just) on Christianity, and its dangerously simplistic to encourage such a viewpoint.
posted by Anchovy at 6:36 AM on September 13, 2001

there's also a nice series here at msnbc.com with soundbites. (click on slide show, on the right hand side)
posted by astirling at 7:01 AM on September 13, 2001

The photos should speak for themselves. The big repeating caption 'SHATTERED' and the reminder that the photographer is 'award-winning' and that the photos are 'remarkable' is tastless. It reminds me of some bad hyperstylized college photo essay that says more about the photographer than the subject. I don't mean to sound bitter, but to me the juxptaposed cross photo looked remarkably like a cheap reach at irony in some coffee table book.
posted by oletoke at 8:04 AM on September 13, 2001

Some great pics here too
posted by MintSauce at 8:44 AM on September 13, 2001

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