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Everything I do gonh be funky from now on.

This is actually (aside from a celebration of the song and the various shades of deep groove that it finds itself wrapped up in) a bit of an obit post as well. Sorry to say, but the wonderful guitarist you hear on the last linked version (by Lou Donaldson) just passed away on March 13. He was one of those relatively rare players who easily moved back and forth between the worlds of jazz and of soul and R&B. His name was Melvin Sparks. RIP, Melvin.
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Here's a nice remembrance from a drummer who worked a bit with Melvin Sparks.
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Needs more Toni Price. But I can't find a video. :(
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I read that as Lou Dobbs. *shiver*
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Most everything you did before this already was funky, flapjax. One of my favorite blogs, Home of the Groove, did a post on Don Covay, Lee Dorsey, and this song in January 2010, the birthday month of its renowned composer. Allen Toussaint.
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that Lee Dorsey groove is so laid back it's going backwards. Shit goddamn.
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p.s. here's a cleaner version of that recording (I don't get this youtube phenomenon of taking videos of spinning records...)
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Hey, thanks for that much cleaner audio link, mhjb. As far as the spinning record on YT thing, I think it's mostly the uploader's love of vinyl, nostalgia for vinyl, whatever.
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The Lee Dorsey version of this is pretty much my all time favorite song. Glad to see it here.
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Yeah would be nice if they coupled the 'oooh look at my shiny vinyl' with 'ooooh listen I plugged the line-out into my camera instead of using the shitty onboard mic'...
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I came to Melvin via Karl Denson, but, of course, the man himself was all that was necessary.

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I was taking a 10 minute break from practicing bass when I saw this post and it sent me on a funk tangent of playing along to each one, haha.

That Lou Donaldson one is sweet. It has an awesome simple, effective, funky bass line.

We need a mash-up with the bass and horns from the Lou version with the guitars, vocals and drums Lee version.
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that lee dorsey version should be called Everything I Do Gonh Be on the Kick Drum! my favorite thing about new orleans style funk is more kick drum than you thought sensible.
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The "from now on" makes this feel like the best New Years resolution ever.
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Got this on the voodoo soul record curated by Giles Peterson, its got some awesome meters stuff on it too...
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@mexican: I just came back from honing in on that kick, what a beautiful thing
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Claudia Lennear cover.
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Thanks for the Claudia Lennear version, bwg! For those that don't know it, Claudia is said to be the direct inspiration for the Stone's Brown Sugar. She was a featured backup singer (that is, she was part of the chorus, but had a solo vocal spot on most or all shows as well) on Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour.
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Melvin, you and your groove will be sorely missed.
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Awesome post. Thanks for late-afternoon funky reverie. Used to love to dig through vinyl to find all those sessions players that were on my favorite funky tracks.

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As soon as I heard the Lee Dorsey version I knew it was a Toussaint tune. His fingerprint is unmistakable.
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It's a good song, but playing it 4 nights a week for 4 months on a gig ruined it for me.
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Wolof, were y'all doing it Lee Dorsey style? If not, how were you playing it?
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Yeah, Lee Dorsey style.
posted by Wolof at 11:56 PM on March 26, 2011

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