Osama bin Laden is the Taliban military commander-in-chief!?
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Osama bin Laden is the Taliban military commander-in-chief!? Can anyone find alternate sources for this? From a comment by schlyer.
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Oh, this sounds like a total hoax. I'm pretty sure the Taliban isn't that stupid.
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This sounds pretty silly. "He has been under surveillance for the past two years. Osama has been deprived from any communication means since then and the case is the same now too,'' [Taliban information minister Qudratullah] Jamal told Reuters from Kandahar. "He is now in an unknown location and, as before, has no means of contact with the outside world.''
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This month, Russian media quoted Pakistan's Nation daily as saying that the Taliban had named bin Laden commander of their troops.

It's third-hand attribution from two very specious sources.
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But I read it on the internet! It must be true!

Seriously, don't believe everything you read. In the first place, this would have been all over the networks, and it's not. In the second place, given the current political climate it would spell the death of the Taliban, and they have to know that. Besides, it's my understanding that, while both are Islamic fundamentalists (whatever that means), Bin Laden is more politically oriented than the religion-oriented Taliban. That may be wrong, though.
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But I haven't seen it on ABCNBCCBSFOXCNN so it must not be true! Seriously, don't so quickly discard everything you haven't read in major news sources.
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Regardless of whether or not it has gotten attention from the major American media outlets (which, I agree with gd779, it would have given bin Laden's prominence), a story quoted this many levels down by questionable news sources with no direct attribution to a verifiable source (not the least of which being the Taliban itself) is bascially a rumor and nothing more.
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