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As if magicked into existence by wonderful twitter hashtag #hollywoodpostitnotes: It's When Harry Met Sally 2, now starring Helen Mirren.
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Can I love Helen Mirren more? No. No, I can't.
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Oh wait, I was not expecting that. I should finish watching things before I comment...

Still love me some Mirren, though.
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Was that David Steinberg around the 3:15 mark?
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That is the best thing I have ever seen.
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Did anyone else read that as #hollywoodprositutes? Anyone?
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"Ha," thought I, "this is a tired joke about how weak and imagination-free Hollywood is these days."

OH NO THEY DIDN'T. It's that and a whole lot more! Genius.

Also, does Mr. Tyson have some kind of standing contract with Funny Or Die at this point? And has he lost some weight?
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That was surprisingly good.
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So I was wondering why this was such a big deal that Billy Crystal seemed to go on The Daily Show to promote it. (I mean, when do people do promotional tours for Funny or Die videos- even if their kids are the ones who made it? Was I really that behind the times?)

And then I saw it and realized it was the best thing that Billy Crystal has done since... well, reviewing his IMDB credits now I'd say When Harry Met Sally, though others might disagree... so it would make sense that he'd want to promote the f out of it.
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If this is made into an actual movie, I'll forgive Billy Crystal for My Giant.

Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup.
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He is so ready to fuck with Mr. Zero now.
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I'm still waiting for City Slickers 3. With Alan Rickman.
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I wasn't big on his movies but boy could he host an Oscars program. If he came back just to do it one more time, I'd forgive for his entire filmography.
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I'm glad people like the Billy C video but you should check out that twitter joke too if you can. Patton Oswalt has the best ones:

"Gay Wheelchair Guy In Auschwitz Adopts Autistic Black Football Player. !!!O!S!!C!A!!!R!!!!!!!" #HollywoodPostItNote

"Give @LenaDunham notes on her PUNISHER re-boot script. Pay pool cleaner." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Winnie the Edgar Allen Pooh???? Refill Klonopin!!!" #HollywoodPostItNote

@pattonoswalt - Hitler and Jesse Owens solve a murder at the 1938 Olympics #HollywoodPostItNote

"Houdini, Edison, Teddy Roosevelt & "Typhoid" Mary Mallon = 1904 Steampunk Fantastic Four?" #iwouldactuallywritethis #oswaltpostitnote

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The funny part, really, is that we were considering Helen Mirren Forever as a potential band name WEEKS before I saw this!
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What does it say that it took me a good long time to figure out if the ad for the Tim Allen movie before the clip was a spoof or not?
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That is some fine use of Mike Tyson, right there. Just enough to put an exclamation point on the whole bit.
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Patton Oswalt is reason enough to get on Twitter. His stuff there is always awesome.
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Helen Mirren is such a classy lady.
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I'm just glad that stupid wagon-wheel table didn't make a reappearance.
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