Hand drawn 3D comics lettering: Stone Type
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Hand drawn 3D comics lettering: Stone Type. Classic front page lettering from Superman, The Spirit, Sgt. Rock, La Garage Hermetique, The Incredible Hulk &c.
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Needs Will Eisner tag... nobody beats him at this.
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Good call, added!
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Wow, those Will Eisner "Spirit" front pages. I could look at those all day long.
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I immediately thought of this classic Beta Ray Bill Thor cover, but it really is nowhere near as nifty as the examples on this FPP.
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The Hulk cover in the first link is an homage to this Steranko classic from '68.

Carmine Infantino also did this kind of thing from time to time, e.g. Batman and The Flash, both from '67.
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I find it an embarrassment for the whole comics medium how rarely anyone even attempts layout and design as interesting as Eisner did over and over decades ago.

Some day I will be rich and buy all of the Spirit archives.
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I teach Typography and I use images of "Stone Type" during my assignment on custom lettering for logotypes. I use some images from Hulk and Spidey covers circa the 80s. I had intended to add the Infantino covers that hilker mentions, but now I've got a treasure trove of new images to add. Thanks!
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I just looked at the Flickr set - two of the images I use in presentation are in that set.
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I never got around to reading much Will Eisner because I'll just look at it for a while and think, "Fuck you, Will Eisner. I'm never drawing again."
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Imagine what it's like reading it as a non-drawing comics writer - you can't script that shit!

(Okay, maybe if you're Alan Moore you might have a stab at it)
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There was one Greyshirt story by Moore and Veitch, "How Things Work Out", that did a pretty damn good job of it.
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The supersad (SWIDT?) thing about Superman cover is that the perspective isn't even right. Look at the top of the "S" vs the top of the "uperman".
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That Spirit splash page where you look through the 'S' to see the 'P' and through the 'P' to see the 'I' and past the 'I' to see the 'R', etc. is so great.
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Frank Miller should be defenestrated for what he did to the Spirit movie. He wasn't breathing new life into it by going edgier, darker and more like Sin City (the comic had dark moments, but also loads of screwball comedy). He's just totally fucking high on himself.

Also, a bit strange not to see John Byrne's iconic Dark Phoenix X-Men cover included.
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