'Til Death Tries To Do Us Part And Beyond
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The Honeymoon From Hell. Stefan and Erika Svanstrom had planned a long trip that would start in Singapore in early December and end in China four months later. But things didn't go exactly as planned. They encountered floods, fires, tsunamis and earthquakes along the way.
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part of me wants to snark at a 4 month vacation .. but the other part of me hopes they start a blog, so I know when/where not to travel.. (since their pre-honeymoon trip was supposed to be to South Africa and it also went to hell)
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This actually sounds amazing to me. Much less boring than a typical vacation. I'd do it.

But yeah, such a first world problem. I wish I'd be able to take four months off.
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Honeymoon from Hell

I agree with Threeway that as a life experience, it's a straight up gift of a lifetime. On my honeymoon? Don't know about that one... doesn't really fit in with the relaxing and pleasant motif you think of when dreaming or planning of newly wedded bliss.
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Also joining the choir of thinking this would be amazing, not only because of the adventure of it but the sheer fact of having a "No shit, there I was!" story to top all NSTIW stories!!!
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Two things I learned about the whole trip around the world, months and months away from work thing: one, if you and your wife are still together afterwords, you are unlikely to ever part and, two, nobody and I mean nobody wants to hear your travel stories.
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I had four months off when I was unemployed a few years ago. Couldn't go running around the globe though. I'd take the earthquakes and floods if I could have that long of a vacation.
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You know, if I was planning a trip to Bali one of the things I'd do is google for when to expect poor weather. The very first link says if you can only travel in January and February, go elsewhere like Thailand or Malaysia. And all the Perth travel guides recommend visiting at other times too. And though I haven't been to Perth or Bali I've been to Tokyo in almost every month and Feb ranked right up there as the worst of them, weatherwise. So yeah, I've got to echo k5.user's comment that they should start a blog so the rest of us know when the worst times to visit places is... If you're going to take 4 months out of your life for a vacation, wouldn't you plan it to go to places at their best times?
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But the terror sex must have been fantastic.
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So does this mean Gravity's Rainbow was nonfiction?
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Having once had a honeymoon from hell that didn't involve any man-made or natural disasters I had higher expectations of this post...
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I was gonna ask too, are they still married?
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On preview, marvin imho this FPP was better than my last honeymoon
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I find it hard to muster too much sympathy for their tale of woe since they survived all those disasters and got to go home to Stockholm in the end. The locals, however...
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The story mentions that they were traveling with their baby, so some of the 4 months might be from maternity/paternity leave.
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