Why did I do it? Because I could.
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How I invented games, and why not - an essay by game designer Christian Freeling. Between 1979 and 1986 I invented some fourty abstract games, most of which can be found in the ArenA and the Pit. Dameo, HanniBall, YvY and Symple(x) are exceptions. Dameo's invention in 2000, after an incubation period of fifteen years, took two minutes. The invention of HanniBall and YvY in 2009 and Symple and Lhexus in 2010 were 'live' occurences decribed in a late arrival and a final whisper respectively. Looking back now, from a safe distance, and with the benefit of hindsight, I'd like to clarify how and why I invented these games, and more specifically why not...
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The navigation is not the best, but it's a great read if you love games, and there's a lot of other neat stuff at the site.
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This is really interesting, thanks. Other than the insights, I kind of like his attitude of utter contempt towards other, lesser game designers.
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Hmm, I'm a gamer and have never heard of him. Abstract designers are a dime a dozen, (and interestingly, seem to have a tendency to hold their design skills above others for some reason).

Looking on the Geek, he has 15 games listed, only one of which has more than 10 ratings, and that was one of his published by Ravensburger, and comes in ranked at 1934.

Color me not impressed. Though I'm not that big of an abstracts fan...
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Not so much into this essay, but along the same lines I've been really absorbed lately reading Daniel Solis's game design blog. His little games are really thoughtful and innovative - check out Pebble Rebel and Trade Showdown.
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well, it's certainly abstract navigation...
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