Iran and the West
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While not being an outright example of a clash of civilizations in the Huntingtonian sense, elements of cultural misunderstanding and fears about the system-challenging tendencies of Iran do affect Western perceptions and influence Western behavior toward Iran. Furthermore, these kinds of reciprocal identity-based fears and projections of the other side’s presumed malevolent intentions tend to be mutually reinforcing. The risk is that they eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies.
Iran and the West - Regional Interests and Global Controversies [PDF].

A special report by the Swedish Defence Research Agency.
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I have not read the article, I am mostly interested i knowing how that really fancy italic ff ligature got into the post. Any ideas? It's showing up when I view the page source, too. (Firefox, OS X, fwiw).
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kakarott999: "The 3 part BBC documentary of the same name is pretty informative:"
Indeed! Some great details in those that I don't recall hearing about over here in the US. Thanks for the links to those.
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I can't access the PDF at the moment, but I'm guessing that's the source. Anyway, the "fancy italic ff ligature" is ff is an abbreviation for the Latin folio, which is used in citation to refer to a section for which no final number can usefully be given.
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