Man uses Google Books to build a 1906 Oldsmobile
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Bob Ferry used Google Books to find old magazines that described mechanics, showed pictures and gave descriptions of a 1906 Oldsmobile Model B Runabout so he could build it 100 years later. Lots of pics and "how to" info at the article.
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Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry.
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An old one for comparison.
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The blog posting says he started with plans from a replica car builder and then used the old books and mags to get more detail. That is a big difference from doing it all from the old documents.

But it is really cool.
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The internet is awesome - not just eBooks, but the fact that it supports forums for horseless carriage enthusiasts.
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"He loaded them up onto his iPad using his Google Books app and got to work."

Cool project & all, but this just screams "make me some kind of poster child for the new technology thingies!" to me.
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Neat project, but I was disappointed to find out he used a modern lawn mower drivetrain to power the car. I had hoped he had built a replica 1906 engine from scratch; that would have been hardcore.
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Apparently he's thinking about building an engine from scratch for his next project. Wow.

Love that 1906 Olds ad from "The Horseless Age" magazine. "The woman's favorite - because it is as safe and easy to manage as the family horse." ! And all the parts ads; reminds me a bit of late 1990s Computer Shopper magazine.
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Someone needs to sue him before he does this with something more modern. We can't have just anyone replicating our precious technologies!
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Wow, I love that Horseless Age magazine. The previous owners of my house had owned it since 1905 and soon after the grandfather of that family had bought it, he'd build a huge garage in the back to run a small bus company out of. I wonder if the buses looked like this one?
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We can snark and shit, but... damn... I would LOVE to tool around in something like that.
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