The Jolly Boys
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The most serious crisis facing the world today is the lack of Jamaican Reggae/Mento covers - The Jolly Boys try to redress the balance.

I know its not strictly, strictly reggae - but if anyone can help me fill in the gaps re trojan ska covers ( a bit like the trojan beatles set) of various songs, i'd be grateful.
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NPR link.

I loved how the band was getting too old to keep playing, so they recruited some young guys in their 70s.
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Oh man. Last week my father introduced me to their cover of Rehab. I'm a little bit enamored.
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fucking love it. Thanks sarge.
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Wow...I started listening to this a few months back, and was convinced that I'd never encounter any mention of the group online or in the media. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Mento itself is pretty fascinating...there are still Mento bands busking the beach in Negril as of this past February. As a tourist, I found it refreshing to hear some Jamaican music that wasn't a Bob Marley number. In fact, I would've even settle for music that WAS a Bob Marley number, so long as it wasn't one that appeared on the one greatest hits CD that everybody owns.
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Chuffin brilliant. Thank you, great post.
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There's some nice stuff in there. Thanks sarge.
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