RATM Killing Remix
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As RATM's 20th anniversary approaches this summer, expect many (many!) more remixes. I hadn't heard the acoustic version before; I liked it a lot. Thanks!
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I met the singer from this band in 1992. I thought he was a roadie. I worked at a college radio station and we'd gotten in their 4 song demo cassette. So I went to see them on the second stage at Lollapalooza. He asked me what I thought about the band. I said, "They're alright." Then he had to go sing.

I never did end up liking them much.
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Ya know how I'm usually super reactionary rockist guy? Rage Against the Machine were headlining Big Day Out, a massive music festival, a few years ago. Two songs in I left them to see LCD Soundsystem.
I would have seen Bjork but RATM fans had treated her so badly at previous legs of the festival that she'd cancelled her Sydney show.
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When I saw them I think there were like 15-20 people hanging out. Almost everyone was checking out the main stage or the side show stuff. I don't think anyone there actually knew the band or was there for them. I remember one song he sang through a toy bullhorn.

I could be making most of this up. It was 20 years ago and I was probably quite drunk before and during. My motto then was "Anyone live," so I saw a lot of acts I am not proud of and many that I would love to see now that I'm old enough to appreciate them.
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don't forget shitmat
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I liked Zack SO much better with Inside Out - here's a great example of why.
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(Multiple Links, All Youtube.)
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oh look I made a thing before seeing this FPP.
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Rage Against The Machine vs. Shaggy (better than it sounds)
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On July 4 last year, I was at a Phish show in suburban Alpharetta, GA, and they covered "Killing in the Name of" within their song about Jimmy, the suburban kid whose cat gets killed by an evil dog. It's Jimmy's favorite song. They also nailed the a capella national anthem, btw.
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I went to high school with Zach and Tim from RATM. Same high school class as Will Ferrell. True story, as is the story of Tim getting kicked off the football team because he refused to cut his hair.
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I liked this version too...
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I thought this version by a marching band was cool. I think I saw it on metafilter a while ago.
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I really liked Evil Empire in it's time, but I still say the intro to that song is some of the worst this-is-the-first-riff-i've-ever-written stuff ever. I hadn't heard it in years, and it came on the radio, and I thought to myself , "This. This is why I don't listen to the radio."

Of course, then it's followed up but such a great song.
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The way de La Rocha delivers his lines has always reminded me of Elmer Fudd. Still, it was a fresh sound on the radio back in the day.
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I saw them a couple of times in the '90s. Definitely one of the best and most original to emerge from that period. Angry about real world issues, not just about existential malaise. Musically it's simply way too angry for me anymore but wow, they did it better than just about anyone.

Politically, socially well-tuned and still relevant IMO. "Anger is a gift." US war Veterans being murdered in their homes by police swat teams -- ultimate injustice or ironic turnabout? Tragedy any way you look at it. RATM was one of the few bands you could count on to have at least a slightly informed take on the madness of authority.
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"Rage Against The Machine vs. Shaggy (better than it sounds)"

If you skipped this link, go back and click on it. Now.
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^ No one tell Girl Talk! He'll fuck it up.
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I once asked a coworker in passing if they listened to Rage, and they gave me this steady, dead serious look, and said "I don't just listen to Rage, I worship at the altar before Rage Against the Machine."

The non sequitur quality of the statement made me laugh, but then I got to thinking about it, after many years, there is still is something about some of their songs that can just reach inside me and twist the threads that get me riled up and excited.

So maybe I don't worship at the altar, but I can appreciate what the priests are preaching, if you allow me to extend the metaphor.
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(I have a couple of early mixes from their first album from when I was working in my college radio station, including a rough studio release of Killing in the Name, and (I think) a swing remix of another song. I'll have to see if I can dig them out and put them somewhere so that they are available.)
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