Beatlecracker Suite
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The Beatles' music has been a source of several high-profile mashup albums, but Arthur Wilkinson's Beatlecracker Suite is probably the first. It arranges Beatles hits with famous themes and motifs from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Part one, part two.
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This is great. I will be playing it a lot come December.

Meanwhile, this mashup from the suggested videos is pretty damn spectacular.
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It's so weird to hear a mash-up that wasn't just sequenced on somebody's computer. This is really neat; thanks!
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I think this was actually sampled for Wu-Tang vs The Beatles (pretty sure Can't Buy Me Love (Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy) made it in there) - great stuff!
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Sorry, I prefer my Beatles as God intended -- played by Count Basie.
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I was going to say John Oswald did it first, but that was in 1989, 24 years after the Beatlecracker Suite was pressed to vinyl.
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Oh wow, that's bizarre. I performed in the Nutcracker every year for 7 years while I was in middle school and high school. I also didn't listen to a lot of music that was not the Beatles while I was in middle school and high school. The cognitive dissonance of hearing sounds from Waltz of the Flowers making the melody of From Me to You makes me want to put on pointe shoes and my high school Birkenstocks at the same time.
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Sys Rq, the "She's Leaving Home" / "What's Going On" mash-up is, quite frankly, wonderful!
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OMG, my kids and I are enjoying this so much! Thanks for sharing!
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That was a very pleasant game, trying to figure out which songs they were without looking at the screen.
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Definitely just accidentally blasted this throughout my silent house.

Don't regret it, either.
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I love the Nutcracker Suite, ever since my ballet lessons as a little girl. This really is a lot of fun, thanks so much for posting it.
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