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Here's a take on the ways in which American society might change. Interesting in itself but it adds little to what's already been posted here before. The purpose is not more of the same arrrgghh, history just chaaaaanged guff. The purpose of linking is for any anti-post-modernists to gloat at the author, Francis Fukuyama, who has at least once before proclaimed the end of history.
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This however is more interesting.
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I am unsure what we are to learn from all this. That some Iranians now read Wester thinkers? Sure. And even some Americans read those listed. And that the German army did not support Hitler? Right. They just carried out his war plans. And the Navy? The German navy was fiercely loyal to Hitler.
When Irania reading lists begin to contain some neo-Darwininan thought to counter balence the religious explanations then I will be perhaps a bit more impressed by what is selling in bookstores.
Somehow, the Englightenment thinkers and later writers does not seem to have given the either democracy or rights for women.
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The German reference is there merely because of the title and purpose of the book, not the content. BL Hart's book was the first to offer an account of WWII from the 'Other Side of the Hill'. That's all.

Apart from that Postroad, you're confusing me. The Enlightenment and later thinkers didn't give liberty or democracy as we understand the terms to anybody. Neither did I. I did however grow up in a world where our cultural heritage derives a great deal from enlightenment thinkers and in which such things as liberty and democracy are stated aims. If you don't think the enlightenment was a 'good thing' then that's cool with me, but you seem to think that no enlightenment is a 'bad thing' also. Like I said, I'm confused.
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