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Russian Video from Russia does what it says, providing a variety of videos from Russia, presented in English or with English subtitles, and brief descriptions of the videos. You can check out videos as they're posted, or sort through by categories (including customs, musical video, science and technology, and movie for the weekend). This last category ranges from Russian Sherlock Holmes movies to a traditional New Year romantic comedy, a documentary on Yuri Gagarin to a classic Russian children's tale of Old Hottabych, an old genie freed in modern times.
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The English clips with the RT logo are from RT News (formerly Russia Today).
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I recently had a business trip to Russia and at night I would click through the TV stations available in my hotel.

I found local news, talk shows, and movies in Russian. I also found some Kurt Russell movie that was dubbed in Russian. The funny thing was all the characters were done by the same dude. It was hilarious to hear children in the movie have the same deadpan Russian voice as Kurt.

Then, I found a bunch of Discovery-channel shows on an English speaking channel. There was some demolition show on, and the episode was about how to safely take down a smokestack from an old factory-turned-condos. That smokestack/factory was in Villa Park, Il, just a few miles from my childhood home. So there I am, in friggin Nizhny Novgorod Russia and I'm watching a show about a place I used to pass on my way to the comic book store. It was surreal.
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Oh, yay! I'm already a RuTube addict. My only regret is that now I'll never finish plowing through my Netflix instant queue.
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Several of the cartoons link back to Niffiwan's Animatsiya in English, one of my favorite Youtube channels.
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This is fantastic; thanks very much! And I highly recommend The Irony of Fate, the "traditional New Year romantic comedy."
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here is a youtube of The Russian Holmes. IMO,one of the best.
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That YouTube clip seems to be lacking in introduction and introductory subtitles, judging from this version on the Russian Video from Russia site.
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Marvelous! I've been looking for a source for the Russian Holmes movies. That was one dreamy Watson.
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