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This site parses the emails sent and received by Sarah Palin while she was governor of Alaska and presents them in a more familiar interface. sarahsinbox.com
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Man, she gets a lot of crank emails.

Also, free baby wraps.

Mmm.... baby, some grilled onions, baby wraps. That's all good.
posted by GuyZero at 2:26 PM on June 16, 2011

Christ, Sarah Palin.
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Are you making introductions?
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Shouldn't this be added to the open thread about her email? I appreciate that it's a new way to read them, but it's part of the larger story.

(Or is this a spoof? Sadly, it's hard to tell).
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And if it's real, the redacted sections don't fit well into the whole, and there are a LOT of redacted portions. Perhaps if they at least put the phrase "Privileged or Personal Material Redacted" in bolded in brackets, it would stand out more, like it does in the scanned email.

[Privileged or Personal Material Redacted]
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It did not take long to discover a typo/misspelling, however this one is rather ironic.
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"bring beef, tequila, and condoms."

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I notice that these have the names of people nominated for government positions redacted - How the hell do those not count as public information?
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This one was interesting
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I'm assuming AOL added the line about the new fashion blog below the email yelling "shame, shame, shame, JESUS!" at Palin. Because otherwise it's a mixed message.
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Should I click on this? Is there any nutritional internet sustenance on offer?
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Sarah Sin Box.

Nicely done.
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I dunno, man, this is kinda creepy.
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A nice, clean implementation of an interesting concept built around reams of the least interesting material to be noisily put on the Internet in a long time. Kind of like if Google launched real-time Apartment View, using only HTML5, with the caveat that it only worked for the guest bathroom of that hole you rented next to that truck stop outside Beatrice, Nebraska for a couple of months three years ago.
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What, no Comic Sans?
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"If anyone has an answer, pls let me know asap: I understand that someone recently went to my Gov's House bedroom and to one of the House offices to get emails from computers ? "

Don't worry , its not like they are going to post them all on the internet or something.

I'd ignore her if our voting public + the voting system = productive governance

Instead of Your vote + misinformation - Self preservation/best interests = Wisconsin. Nothing personal, love your cheese.
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