Anya's Ghost
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Vera Brosgol (previously) is a Russian-born artist and illustrator now based in the US. One of her early works, Return To Sender, remains unfinished. Her first graphic novel Anya’s Ghost (preview) about a girl who finds a ghost at the bottom of a well has just been published.
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Nice! I enjoyed Return to Sender quite a bit, as I recall, although it had that feel of so many web comics by creators who are just getting their start -- too much going on, too little idea of where the story was going, that sort of thing. Looking forward to the new work. Thanks for posting this!
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I've been following Vera's work since she a teenager here in Brooklyn, and she was fantastically skilled even then. This book's been a long time coming, and I could not be happier for her.
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This looks so damn good.
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I only discovered Vera Brosgol's work via John (Scarygoround, Bad Machinery) Allison's blog because she'd done some guest strips for him several years ago.
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Oh wow, I loved return to sender (and still kind of disappointed that it never finished, ngl). This new graphic novel looks really interesting, though!
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I first heard of this on a blog I read regularly, and Neil Gaiman tweeted about it too I tihnk. Looks very good.
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Looks good! It may be relevant that Nabokov's acclaimed 1923 translation into Russian of Alice in Wonderland is called Аня в стране чудес: Anya in Wonderland.
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I'm two-thirds of the way through this, and it is quite good. Love her stuff, and I first discovered her last fall at AskMefi, of all places.
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IIRC, her day job is at Laika, and she even worked on Coraline. AWESOME!

(I also loved Return to Sender, even though it seemed to get abandoned pretty early.)
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